Weekly Video Games Thread Emerges from its Cocoon

Hello, all. Weekly Games Thread time! It’s the Avocado’s one-stop shop for all kinds of games talk.

Let’s talk bugs – and not the kind in your software. I mean insects, arthropods, arachnids… bugs! I’ve been replaying Hollow Knight – and you better know I’ve managed to get through almost all of it with far more speed and skill than I did two years ago! – and damned if all those adorable bug people aren’t fun. Hornet, the spider woman assassin! Cornifer, that delightful (mosquito? My insect identifying skills are poor) mapmaker! The Dung Defender, about who I’m trying to write an article! The Bug Elder! The Hunter! The Hive Knight, who vomits out a swarm of bees in a way that does look less gross than that sounds! These weirdoes are all so delightful, as is their beautiful and whimsical and grotesque world.

And it’s not just them! That picture is one I took in New Pokémon Snap; it’s got famous Bug-type rivals Heracross and Pinsir in a donnybrook. Pinsir was actually my first favorite Pokémon, but it’s just one of dozens of great creepy-crawlies in that series. There’s also all the adorable spidery creatures you find in platform games, the giant irradiated insects of Fallout, and you know what? I love that part in Metroid Prime 2 where one boss fight is a giant insect going through its entire life cycle.

So what are your favorites? Are there any bug characters who’ve taken your heart, or bug bosses you found exhilarating to fight? Bug (okay, that actually was a typo I’m leaving in) but, that’s not all we’re talking about. We just got through the weekend; what did you play?