Comic-Con 2022: Day 3 (Saturday)

It’s now day 3 folks. We’ve learned a lot of stuff about a lot of really cool things. My favorite was that surprise announcement at that panel yesterday, and of course when that famous person showed up who I wasn’t expecting.

What are you excited for today? Do your feet also feel like they’re going to fall off?

Notable Programming (All times Pacific):

black adam

10:15 am – Warner Bros. Theatrical Panel (Hall H). Oh shit, here we go, now is the time for the REAL shit. The only movie confirmed to be discussed is Black Adam which will see stars Dwayne Johnson and Zachary Levi make an appearance. You should also expect to hear about all of the other DC properties that have films coming out, though I don’t think Ezra Miller will be there because of, you know, reasons.

11:30 am – The Simpsons (Ballroom 20). Fox animation kicks things off in Ballroom 20 with a special presentation about some show called The Simpsons. Never heard of it.

11:30 am – House of the Dragon (Hall H). Hey, remember that Game of Thrones spin-off? Well it’s coming out, how about that?! If you wanted to get into this panel you would have needed to camp out on Thursday night. If you didn’t then you’re an idiot and you should feel bad about your life.

12:30 pm – American Dad (Ballroom 20). It might not be on Fox anymore, but American Dad is still in that same sphere. Please come watch.


1:15 pm – Family Guy (Ballroom 20). The less funny Seth MacFarlane show is also appearing at Comic-Con. I hope he says “giggity”.

1:45 pm – Marvel Comics: Judgement Day (Room 6A). Thursday was all about DC Comics big event, now it’s time to learn all about what Marvel Comics is up to, and will eventually be the plot of three loosely connected Disney+ shows in five years.

2:00 pm – Interview With The Vampire (Ballroom 20). A brand new series based on Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire is coming to AMC. The cast and crew will be on hand to answer your questions and give a sneak peek of the show, of course.

2:30 pm – The Sandman (Hall H). Warner Bros. continues to hold things down in Hall H, this time to discuss their adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved comic book series, coming to Netflix later this year for 10 episodes.

kevin feige

2:45 pm – Krapopolis (Room 6BCF). Dan Harmon has a brand new animated show on Fox. Wait, why isn’t this in Ballroom 20?

3:00 pm – The Orville (Ballroom 20). Ohhh, okay, I guess Seth MacFarlane isn’t done with it. I can’t wait to see Anne Winters in person. I’m not a creep.

4:15 pm – Resident Alien (Indigo Ballroom, Hilton). The fantastic SyFy series Resident Alien is making its Comic-Con debut where the cast and crew will be on hand to, jesus, take your questions and show a sneak peek of the next season.

5:00 pm – Marvel Studios (Hall H). Here it is, folks, the biggest panel of the convention; Kevin Feige presents The Movies You’ll All Be Watching For The Rest of Your Life. How many people did you have to slaughter in order to secure a seat in Hall H?


6:30 pm – AEW: Heroes and Villains (Room 6BCF). WWE super stars made an appearance on Thursday, but AEW gets the prime time spot on Saturday in the convention’s third biggest room. The roster of talent here is huge; CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Darby Allin, Jade Cargill, and, my man “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy *cue the song from Wet Hot American Summer*

6:30 pm – Kevin Smith (Hall H). A Comic-Con luminary, filmmaker Kevin Smith will be on hand to tell a bunch of jokes and answer your questions. Do NOT ask him what a Nubian is.

8:30 pm – Comic-Con Masquerade (Ballroom 20, with simulcast in Room 6A). Come see all of the great costumes that some really talented people have made, while the crowd annoys the moderator with endless chants that takes a one hour event and stretches it into four.

9:00 pm – Lloyd Kaufman: 50 Years of Filmmaking (Room 26ABC). The guy who is even more schlocky than Roger Corman is celebrating 50 years of movie magic. Come listen to the godfather of Troma discuss his long career and catch a surprise guest or two.