C.O.P.S Day Thread (07/23)

Week 2 of My Favorite Cartoons! (Special thanks to Mr. Ixolite and Fandompost and their 30 Day Animation Loop) features C.O.P.S

The synopsis for the animated series – “Set in the year 2020, The Central Organization of Police Specialists (C.O.P.S.) is a special group of policemen with cyborg enhancements that strengthen each member’s particular talents. They fight crime in Empire City.”

The C.O.P.S. fight the CROOKS led by Big Boss. If I remember correctly, this cartoon aired in syndication because I would watch it early in the morning before getting the bus to grade school. LongArm was my favorite because he would shoot a pair of handcuffs when trying to capture criminals. I believe he would also use it as a grappling hook when he needed to save others like Batman in B:TAS.

C.O.P.S ran for a total of 65 episodes, spinning off into comic books and action figures.

Something To Discuss – Tell us our favorite cops and criminals in pop culture

Bonus Discussion – Tell us your favorite cartoon released in 1988.