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The Friday Politics Thread: Now You’re Playing With Power

Hello and welcome back to Friday. It’s mini header day today which means you’re getting to the good stuff earlier than usual!

This week’s Trans Artist has only been on the scene about two years and he’s only got a handful of singles out but I think he’s an artist to look out for! He’s also got a stage name super close to my heart. Introducing Aidoneus! Aidoneus is a self described “Avid mythology fan” and his music reflects that with tons of references and allusions to Greek Myth. My favorite single and the one I’m sharing today is Persephone In The Garden. It’s an incredibly pretty song sung to Persephone by Hades about how much he loves her.

That’s all she wrote! Remember to Support Our Local Clam Fighter, Protect The Mayor, Hoggle Some Poggles and Be Excellent To Each Other