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Tuesday’s Politics thread is BACK!

Ok, I was back last week. But I was still trying to pretend I was at my retreat and writing. Quick recap on the last 2 weeks from me: I went up to my retreat on July 3rd, by July 5th someone went home with Covid. July 6th saw two more people leave. On July 7th, 3 more people tested positive. By July 9th, 8 people had tested positive. This was a mountain retreat with no air conditioning, so the ONLY place we were inside without fans and such was in the dining hall. Do with this info what you will, but I’m not eating inside anywhere for a long time. I’ve steered clear of Covid up to this point (as far as I know), and I’m going to do my best to continue with that.

Back to your regularly scheduled 3 tweets.

Huh, guess they didn’t delete those messages as well as they thought they did.

Bannon’s trial will start today, I wonder how many shirts he’ll wear?

And we can expect a report on the Jan 6th Committee’s findings in September.

There’s 3! I’m out! We’re all are going to be talking a million different things tomorrow anyway. Just remember to be kind, be cool, and beHAVE when doing so. Grace above all things. That means no threatening anyone, and no hogpoggling. And you need to add those things to your grocery list, you will never remember them in the store. Just write them down.