30 Day Animation Loop Challenge Day 14: Favorite Adult Animated Show or Film

For the month of July, we’re going to be focusing on the world of animation and that means going through a lot of very different elements of it. Thanks to Mr. Ixolite for the prompts!

In the United States, animation has historically been framed as kids’ stuff (thanks, Walt) (Will Girard get in another dig at Disney before the month is up? We shall see!). But many creators around the world have created films, shorts, and shows expressly designed for adult audiences due to their complexity, sophistication, or vulgarity. And since the turn of the century, programming blocks like Adult Swim and platforms like YouTube have created popular places for animators to make work for adults. Here’s a space to share your favorite animation that is intended for an adult audience. (While sex is an adult thing that many adults do, and is not gross or shameful, please refrain from sharing NSFW imagery)