WW 187 – Hamilton: A Werewolf Musical – Day 1

Let me tell you what I wish I’d known
When I was young and dreamed of glory
You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story

I know that town can win
I know that greatness lies in you
But remember from here on in, the Graveyard has its eyes on you (Whoa, whoa)
The Graveyard has its eyes on you


NOTE: If you read through the Roles on the sign-up sheet, you’ll note a few roles have been cut from the game. There is also expanded information on the roles in this game.

14 Revolutionaries (Town)

  • 6 Vanilla Revolutionaries
  • 1 Ten-Dollar Founding Father (Alexander Hamilton) – Town Messenger. Born a penniless orphan, this immigrant’s greatest power is his command of the written word. Each night, he may send any player a letter of any contents they wish. Preferably, it will rhyme. 
  • 1 Fighting Frenchman – (Lafayette) – Conditional Vigilante role. If Lafayette remains alive going into Day 4 and neither scum faction has been eliminated, he will come in with French reinforcements (receive a 1-Shot kill.)
  • 1 General (George Washington) – Jailer. Each night, the commander-in-chief will select a player to place under military watch, preventing them from taking any action or being acted on.
  • 1 Duelist (John Laurens) – Unusual Vigilante role.  Each night, Laurens can “challenge” a player to a duel (which their opponent has no choice but to accept). Either he or his opponent may die. As the game progresses, Lauren’s odd of winning each duel will decrease, beginning at 80% on Night 1, and decreasing by 20% each subsequent night. Laurens can choose not to issue any challenge at night if he wishes. However, his odds of success will decrease on the next night even if he didn’t have a duel the previous night. 
  • 1 Tailor’s Apprentice (Hercules Mulligan) – Investigator. Mulligan uses his position as a Tailor to Spy on other America’s enemies at night, learning one player’s alignment.
  • 3 Schuylers Sisters – The Schuyler sisters know each other like they know their own minds, and can communicate in a private chat.
    • Angelica –  The eldest Schuyler sister, she will set her sister Eliza up with a romantic match. She can attempt to create this love match on Night 1, but if blocked, can continue trying until successful. If she dies without assigning a lover, Eliza may choose one for herself.
    • Eliza –  Will be married to another player. Once married, she and her partner will share a QT, and die together if either is killed.
    • And Peggy – She’s also here.

2 Southern [Expletive] Democratic-Republicans (Scum Faction)

  • 1 Secretary of State (Thomas Jefferson) – Scum Recruiter. Jefferson will use his gift for diplomacy to bring a new member to his Party’s side. His recruitment attempt will only work if used on a town player. Only 1 recruitment, but can attempt again if unsuccessful or blocked.
  • 1 Compromiser (James Madison) – If another player attempts to kill Madison at night, his compromising powers will kick in, preventing him from being acted on. This power will be used up after 1 use.

2 Royalists (Scum Faction)

  • 1 Mad King (George III)- Roleblocker Role, will select a player each night to command to stay in place, preventing them from taking any action.
  • 1 Farmer (Samuel Seabury) – Scum recruiter. He will be able to target 1 player to eloquently convince to join the Royalist side. His recruit attempt will only work if used on a Town player. Only 1 recruitment, but can attempt again if unsuccessful or blocked. 

1 Villain In Your History (SK)

  • Aaron Burr – Another Duelist, functioning similarly to the John Laurens role – except his odds are reversed. He begins on Night 1 with only a 20% chance of surviving an attempt to duel. However, each subsequent his odds will increase by 20%, until locking in at 100% percent. 


  1. Mac / Macelxander Crocelton.
  2. Spooky / The Bullet that killed Hamilton
  3. MSD / Captain Isaac Higgentoot
  4. April / Tamatoa
  5. Cork / Audrey II
  6. Lindsay / Gustave!
  7. Owen / Evan Hansen
  8. Abby / Benjamin Franklin Gates
  9. Anewholiday / Shimon the Musical Robot
  10. Wasp / Major General Evelyn Smyth
  11. Chum / Rejected Federalist
  12. InnDEEED / Charles Boyle
  13. Queequeg / President Quentin Trembly
  14. Goat / Jellicle Cat
  15. Josephus / George Clinton and the Continental Congress Funkadelic
  16. Raven / Mr. Schuester
  17. Copy / King George VII
  18. Jake / Peggy Hill
  19. Beinggreen / New York City


  1. Goat
  2. Forever


  1. Typical werewolf rules apply. A Day phase where you vote for who to kill, a night phase where rolled players use their powers.
  2. A vote tie will result in RNG among tied players
  3. DO NOT QUOTE from any private chat. Do not edit comments
  4. Participation: Please attempt to make a minimum of three posts per day
  5. Roleplaying not required but encouraged.
  6. Vanilla Town Message: Hello, you are a VANILLA REVOLUTIONARY. Your only power is your vote. Raise a glass to freedom!
  7. Order of Actions: Jailing and Blocking > Recruitment and Love Matching > Messaging > Investigations > Duels, Vig Shots, and Murders    


I don’t believe everyone has seen their role information yet – understandably some may be busy today. I believe there should be enough time before twilight on Wednesday for any stragglers to catch-up – but please ask if you’re not sure how to access your role info / have any other questions.