Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Penultimate Showdowns

At last we have both The Flash and Superman & Lois airing on the same week again, just in time for the penultimate episodes of the season! And I gotta say, these eps confused me a bit.

With The Flash, it’s the sort of confusion I’ve come to expect from the show. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening, but if you try to piece together why any of it’s happening (other than “the writers wanted cool stuff to happen”), you’re lit out of shuck. Oh, I’m sure next week’s finale will try to explain why Iris turned into green sparkles and caused Letscher Thawne to peel off his face to reveal Cavanagh Thawne in full Reverse Flash costume underneath … but does anyone really expect that explanation to make sense?

With Superman & Lois, on the other hand, it’s character motivations I had a hard time figuring out. Namely, why Lana had to be the one to tell people about Bizarro World. This isn’t a Smallville specific disaster, after all; the entire world’s being affected. So why do they decide that the mayor of this small town must be the ultimate authority on either concealing or revealing the truth?

Like, if Lana had decided it was better not to let the public know, would Chrissy have gone along with that, just because her mayor told her to? And once you make the decision to tell the public the truth, why are the residents of Smallville entitled to advance warning ahead of everyone else? Heck, we see no signs they’ve attempted to share the truth with anyone outside Smallville. I get they want to show Lana rising to the occasion and doing something difficult in her role as mayor, except this is in no way something a small town mayor would be expected to handle.

And what do the Smallvillites think about Superman showing up at their town hall? No one’s supposed to know that Superman’s living in Smallville now. So from their perspective, in the middle of a global disaster, Superman stops by this rural community in Kansas to tell them (and them alone) the truth about what’s going on. Does no one question why he’s even in the area?

Question of the Week: What plot development has made the least amount of sense to you?