‘Elvis’ Battles ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ With Box Office Victory Results

It’s not often things are this close when you get a box office weekend but the top two films are basically tied with a difference in admissions possibly making the difference once things are finally totaled. At the moment, Elvis is holding the top slot even with about 100,000 more admissions according to one source and that’s helping to keep it above the fifth-week second placing Top Gun: Maverick as both are coming in at $30.5 million. And lots to discuss there as Top Gun: Maverick has a light week-to-week drop overall again while Jurassic World Dominion has its expected third-week drop of 55% and bringing in just $26.4 million. That does have it at $302 million total domestic so it has some room to grow, especially as depending on where you are school is finally wrapping up – we still have another day or so here in a lot of the northeast, for example.

Once past that, the debut of The Black Phone did really well with word of mouth for a $23.3 million haul that will get a lot of attention while for different reasons the second week for Lightyear will get talked about for a $17.6 million take and a 65% drop from the opening week.

While there are plenty of areas to dig into for those that consume the numbers deeply, I really liked this piece from Deadline: “Still with fierce numbers like this, it’s a rich man’s problem. As one industry marketing executive couched the weekend, “Craziness, but a rising tide to lift all boats for sure.””

After so many months and weeks of just one film doing all the business and nothing else drawing people in, having actual competition and variety is a boon. It may still take time until we get anywhere near back to pre-pandemic levels but there’s a lot more potential for it to happen now than just a few months ago.

1.) Elvis (WB) 3,906 theaters, Fri $12.8M, Sat $10M, Sun $7.7M, 3-day $30.5M/Wk 1

2.) Top Gun: Maverick (Par) 3,948 (-87) theaters, Fri $8.3M, Sat $12M, Sun $10.2M,  3-day $30.5M (-33%), Total $521.7M/Wk 5

3.) Jurassic World Dominion (Uni) 4,233 (-464) theaters, Fri $7.5M, Sat $10.8M, Sun $8.1M, 3-day $26.44M (-55%)/Total $302.77M/Wk 3

4.) The Black Phone (Uni) 3,150 theaters, Fri $10.2M, Sat $7.5M, Sun $5.6M, 3-day $23.3M/Wk 1

5.) Lightyear (Dis) 4,255 theaters, Fri $5.4M, Sat $6.95M, Sun $5.3M /3-day $17.66M (-65%), Total $88.7M/Wk 2

6.) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Dis) 1,855 (-610) theaters, Fri $521k, Sat $704K, Sun $500K, 3-day $1.72M (-61%), Total $409.1M/Wk 8

7.) Jug Jugg Jeeyo (Moviegoer) 318 theaters, Fri $235K, Sat $287K, Sun $203K, 3-day $725K, Wk 1

8.) Everything, Everywhere All at Once (A24) 524 (-155) theaters, Fri $144K, Sat $216K, Sun $173K,  3-day $533K (-44%), Total $66.1M/Wk 14

9.) Bob’s Burgers (20th/Dis) 590 (-760) theaters, Fri $156K, Sat $203K, Sun $154K, 3-day $513K (-56%), Total  $31M/Wk 5

10.) The Bad Guys (Uni) 1,033 (-461) theaters, Fri $140K, Sat $170K, Sun $130K 3-day $440K (-56%), Total $95.4M /Wk 10

[Source: Deadline]