The Avocado’s Favorite LGBT+ TV and Web Series: The Results

Welcome back to the first ever poll of The Avocado’s favorite LGBT+ TV and web series! In the end, 42 lists were submitted (a bit of a drop from the 57 lists that were received for the film list), comprising 163 TV and web series representing a vast array of LGBT+ experiences from around the world. Everyone who participated was passionate about their picks, and although some series got a whole lot of love, there were a huge number of hidden gems highlighted – 35 of the lists submitted contained at least one title unique to that list, totaling 82 of the submitted series. I think all of our watchlists just got much, much bigger!

The compiled list is below, and if you want to review the full results you can see them here. Our next and final list will be for The Avocado’s favorite LGBT+ books and comics, with voting starting sometime in July – be on the lookout! A huge thank you to everyone who participated – I can’t wait to read about your favorites in the comments!

First up, the number of series per decade (based on the year the series began):

1960s: 1 series
1970s: 3 series
1980s: 7 series
1990s: 15 series
2000s: 29 series
2010s: 82 series
2020s: 26 series

It’s clear in comparison to the films list just how much later robust LGBT+ stories started being told on TV. It’s also clear that the 2020s are on track to have an even greater abundance of favorite series – in fact, two of our top 20 started just this year!

Next, a shoutout to the networks that have aired the greatest number of our favorite series (some series are double-counted here due to networks changing between seasons or being different between the U.S. and the country of original airing):

34 series: Netflix
22 series: HBO (including HBO Max)
11 series: ABC
8 series: NBC, Fox, BBC (including all BBC networks)
6 series: Channel 4, FX (I’m including votes for both American Horror Story and American Horror Story: Asylum as one series here, though not in the final list)
5 series: Showtime, WB/The CW
4 series: Cartoon Network, Freeform (including ABC Family), Hulu, PBS, Starz, syndication
3 series: CBC, Disney (including Disney Channel and Disney+), TBS, TV Tokyo, YouTube

Netflix and HBO are the clear champions here, though of course most of the network series are on one streaming service or another. We can only hope that the likes of Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Apple TV+ step up with the production of original LGBT+ series in the next decade!

Finally, without further ado, I am proud to present our complete favorite LGBT+ series:

17 lists:

Schitt’s Creek, CBC/PopTV, 2015-2020

Schitt’s Creek. Photo credit: PopTV.

16 lists:

Steven Universe, Cartoon Network, 2013-2020

Steven Universe. Photo credit: Cartoon Network.

14 lists:

The Wire, HBO, 2002-2008

The Wire. Photo credit: HBO.

11 lists:

Sense8, Netflix, 2015-2018

Sense8. Photo credit: Netflix.

10 lists:

The Legend of Korra, Nickelodeon, 2012-2014

The Legend of Korra. Photo credit: Nickelodeon.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Netflix, 2018-2020

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Photo credit: Netflix.

9 lists:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The CW, 2015-2019

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Photo credit: The CW.

The Other Two, HBO, 2019-present

The Other Two. Photo credit: HBO.

The Owl House, Disney Channel, 2018-present

The Owl House. Photo credit: Disney Channel.

8 lists:

Happy Endings, ABC, 2011-2013
Legends of Tomorrow, The CW, 2016-2022
Looking, HBO, 2014-2016
Our Flag Means Death, HBO, 2022-present

7 lists:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fox/NBC, 2013-2021
Heartstopper, Netflix, 2022-present

6 lists:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, UPN/WB, 1997-2003
The Kids in the Hall, CBC/HBO/Amazon Prime, 1988-1995, 2022-present
Sex Education, Netflix, 2018-present
Will and Grace, NBC, 1998-2020

5 lists:

Andi Mack, Disney Channel, 2017-2019
Glee, Fox, 2009-2015
Hannibal, NBC, 2013-2015
Orange is the New Black, Netflix, 2013-2019
Please Like Me, ABC2/Pivot, 2013-2016
Tales of the City, Channel 4/PBS/Netflix, 1993-2019

4 lists:

Adventure Time, Cartoon Network, 2010-2018
Bojack Horseman, Netflix, 2014-2020
Degrassi: The Next Generation/Next Class, CTV/the n/Noggin/Netflix, 2001-2017
Doctor Who, BBC, 1963-present/2005-present
Harley Quinn, HBO Max, 2019-present
Orphan Black, Space/BBC America, 2013-2017
Revolutionary Girl Utena, TV Tokyo, 1997
Six Feet Under, HBO, 2001-2005

3 lists:

American Dad!, Fox/TBS, 2005-present
Angels in America, HBO, 2003
Craig of the Creek, Cartoon Network, 2018-present
Derry Girls, Channel 4/Netflix, 2018-present
Difficult People, Hulu, 2015-2017
Ellen, ABC, 1994-1998
Feel Good, Channel 4/Netflix, 2020-2021
In the Flesh, BBC Three/Hulu, 2013-2014
The Magicians, Syfy, 2015-2020
One Day At a Time, Netflix/PopTV, 2017-2020
One Mississippi, Amazon Prime, 2015-2017
Pose, FX, 2018-2021
Queer as Folk, Showtime, 2000-2005
Sailor Moon, TV Asahi, 1992-1997
Soap, ABC, 1977-1981
The Umbrella Academy, Netflix, 2019-present
Vida, Starz, 2018-2020
Yuri on Ice, TV Asahi, 2016

2 lists:

Bob’s Burgers, Fox, 2011-present
Dragula, OutTV/Shudder, 2016-present
Eastsiders, YouTube/Netflix, 2012-2019
The Fosters, Freeform, 2013-2018
The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo, YouTube, 2016
Given, Fuji TV, 2019
The Golden Girls, NBC, 1985-1992
Grey’s Anatomy, ABC, 2005-present
Kinou Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?), TV Tokyo, 2019
The L Word, Showtime, 2004-2009
The Larry Sanders Show, HBO, 1992-1998
Love, Victor, Hulu, 2020-2022
Lucifer, Fox/Netflix, 2016-2021
Mad Men, AMC, 2007-2015
Mission Hill, WB/Adult Swim, 1999-2002
My Next Life As a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, Tokyo MX, 2020-2021
Person of Interest, CBS, 2011-2016
Queer Eye, Netflix, 2018-present
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Bravo, 2003-2007
Roseanne, ABC, 1988-1997, 2018
RuPaul’s Drag Race, Logo/VH1, 2009-present
Skam, NRK/Dailymotion+/etc., 2015-present
Spartacus, Starz, 2010-2013
Star Trek: Discovery, Paramount+, 2017-present
Teenage Bounty Hunters, Netflix, 2020
Ugly Betty, ABC, 2006-2010
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix, 2015-2019
The Venture Bros., Adult Swim, 2004-2018
Yellowjackets, Showtime, 2021-present

1 list (Spoiler tagged for length, but make sure to browse – your next binge could be hidden down here!):

30-sai Made Doutei da to Mahou Tsukai ni Nareru Rashii (Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!), TV Tokyo, 2020
Abbott Elementary, ABC, 2021-present
The Amazing World of Gumball, Cartoon Network, 2011-2019
America’s Got Talent, NBC, 2006-present
An American Family, PBS, 1973
American Horror Story, FX, 2011-present
American Horror Story: Asylum, FX, 2012-2013
Arrested Development, Fox/Netflix, 2003-2006, 2013-2019
Barney Miller, ABC, 1975-1982
BJ Fletcher, Private Eye,, 2008-2012
Black Sails, Starz, 2014-2017
Bloom Into You, AT-X, 2018
Bob and Rose, iTV, 2001
Cardcaptor Sakura, NHK, 1998-2000
Constantine, NBC, 2014-2015
Dead to Me, Netflix, 2019-present
Deadwood, HBO, 2004-2006
Diary of a Future President, Disney+, 2020-2021
Doom Patrol, DC Universe/HBO Max, 2019-present
Douglas, Netflix, 2020
Downton Abbey, BBC/PBS, 2010-2016
Dynasty, ABC, 1981-1989
Elementary, CBS, 2012-2019
Elite, Netflix, 2018-present
Euphoria, HBO, 2019-present
Everything Sucks!, Netflix, 2018
Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, Freeform, 2020-2021
Family Guy, Fox, 1999-present
Feud, FX, 2017
Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru, NHK, 2019
Game of Thrones, HBO, 2011-2019
GLOW, Netflix, 2017-2019
Grace and Frankie, Netflix, 2015-2022
The Great British Bake Off, BBC Two/BBC One/Channel 4/PBS/Netflix, 2010-present
Greek, ABC Family, 2007-2011
Halt and Catch Fire, AMC, 2014-2017
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Syndication, 1983-1985
High Maintenance, Vimeo/HBO, 2012-2020
The Hollow, Netflix, 2018-2020
I May Destroy You, BBC/HBO, 2020
It’s a Sin, Channel 4, 2021
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FX/FXX, 2005-present
Julie and the Phantoms, Netflix, 2020
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Netflix, 2020
Lovely Little Losers, YouTube, 2016
Mindhunter, Netflix, 2017-2019
Modern Family, ABC, 2009-2020
Motherland: Fort Salem, Freeform, 2020-2022
Mythic Quest, Apple TV+, 2020-present
Nanette, Netflix, 2018
Northern Exposure, CBS, 1990-1995
Perry Mason, HBO, 2020-present
Puella Magi Madoka Magica, JNN, 2011
Q-Force, Netflix, 2021-present
Queer as Folk, Channel 4, 1999-2000
Ranma 1/2, FNS, 1989
The Real O’Neals, ABC, 2016-2017
Search Party, TBS/HBO Max, 2016-2022
She-Ra: Princess of Power, Syndication, 1985-1987
The Shield, FX, 2002-2008
Skins, E4, 2007-2013
Solar Opposites, Hulu, 2020-present
The Sopranos, HBO, 1999-2007
Sort Of…, CBC/HBO Max, 2021-present
Southland, NBC/TNT, 2009-2013
Special, Netflix, 2019-2021
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Syndication, 1993-1999
Summer Camp Island, HBO Max, 2018-2021
Super Drags, Netflix, 2018
Supergirl, The CW, 2015-2021
Survivor, CBS, 2000-present
This Is Us, NBC, 2016-2022
Todxs Nós, HBO Brasil, 2020-present
Torchwood, BBC Three/BBC Two/BBC One/Starz, 2006-2011
United States of Tara, Showtime, 2009-2011
Veneno, TBS/HBO Max, 2020
We’re Here, HBO, 2020-present
What We Do In the Shadows, FX, 2019-present
Wonderfalls, Fox, 2004
Work in Progress, Showtime, 2019-2021
Xena: Warrior Princess, Syndication, 1995-2001
Years and Years, BBC One, 2019
Young Royals, Netflix, 2021-present