Sports Corner Trades Up

The NBA season is over! All hail the Warriors!

OK, now that that’s done, we can start the off season! The NBA Draft is tomorrow, and for the first time in ages, no one can say with any certainty who will be the top pick. The expectation is also that once we get past the top three names, it’s anyone’s guess who goes where. And also that there will be trades. A lot of them. It promises to be an interesting night, even if it will lack the megawatt grin of Steph Curry.


  • Is Kyrie really going to leave the Nets?
  • The Stanley Cup Finals roll on.
  • The Yankees are on pace to match their 1998 season.
  • Matt Fitzpatrick had some day on Sunday, didn’t he?
  • Wimbeldon is almost upon us!
  • Gronk retires. Again. I think this time, he makes it stick.

As always, all sports subjects welcome.