Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Familiar Faces

Damn, this episode of The Flash was just what I needed!

It’s not a transcendingly great episode, don’t get me wrong. But this was The Flash being simultaneously in max- fun adventure mode, and max- fanservice nostalgia mode, and I for one just ate it up. We’re talking an episode with superpower training sequences, foiled bank robberies, returning guest stars, flashbacks not just to old episodes but also to Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and even Batwoman! Plus a love-conquers-all-ending that (despite being used by a couple just introduced this episode) feels a lot more earned than most we get.

Oh, there were a couple things I didn’t like. Diggle not becoming a Green Lantern (and WB apparently sticking to their guns that the Arrowverse can’t directly reference them) was a letdown, and the how-does-Thawne-still-exist? puzzle has gotten even more convoluted. But they made those stories work for this episode in a way so grounded in character, I couldn’t help but love them anyway.

One thing that did bug me a lot: they kept calling that thing a cube; it’s not a cube! But then they gave us a Ray Palmer cameo, so I have to forgive almost anything.

Random Observation: In the past, Cavanagh’s Thawne was the version of the character with the softer edges, the one who had built up fondness for the heroes they worked with, and just wanted to go home more than anything else. Letscher’s Thawne was the version who had never simmered down with age, who had never built a genuine connection to anyone, and was a straight up, uncomplicated supervillain. It’s weird to see that’s become reversed in recent years, with Cavanagh Thawne becoming increasingly pettier and more unhinged, while both Flash and Legends have used Letscher to depict a good version of the character.

Question of the Week: What dangling plot thread would you love to see finally get resolved?