‘Jurassic World Dominion’ Wins Out Over ‘Lightyear’ At Box Office

Much ink will be spilled in talking about Lightyear but one suspects that in the long run that the film, which had unrealistic Toy Story-esque expectations placed on it, will largely come out ahead when all things are factored in. Of course, the focus here is just on its box office performance even though we all know that a film has a far beyond just that. The film faced a barrage of criticism on different levels and opened this weekend to a $51 million for its $200 million budget. It opened in 43 markets overseas as well where it added a $34.6 million take to hit $85.6 million worldwide. 

Honestly, the discourse about this film has been exhausting and talking the actual numbers just isn’t a draw at this point for myself, similar to the whole Morbius thing. I’ll let the folks at Deadline sum it up well:

In both areas, awareness was high, but spinoffs don’t always tend to catch the same lightning as their motherships; critical scores are okay, but not on par with the franchise. Social sentiment in some international markets is also off. While there has been crazy hot weather across parts of Europe — and, really, weather is a legit issue when it comes to box office — we can’t put the fact that Lightyear didn’t knock everyone’s Sox off down to that.

Jurassic World Dominion held out well this weekend with a $58.6 million take to bring it to $249.7 million domestically and with its global take is at $622.2 million worldwide as it added another $76 million overseas. Part of what’s definitely helping is the film getting a showing in China where it added another $24 million.

Rounding out the top three is Top Gun Maverick which is showing strong legs here as it added another $4 million to be at $466 million domestic while its worldwide total is $885 million – in twenty-one days.

#TitleDistributor NameWeekend Total# of LocsLoc AvgCume TotalMarket Share
1Jurassic World DominionUniversal$58,660,0004,697$12,489$249,796,69038.6%
3Top Gun MaverickParamount$44,000,0004,035$10,905$466,167,5455.8%
4Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessDisney$4,200,0002,465$1,704$405,083,6605.7%
5Bob’s Burgers Movie, The20th Century Studios$1,100,0001,350$815$29,762,0304.8%
6Bad Guys, TheUniversal$980,0001,494$656$94,239,0054.4%
7Everything Everywhere All at OnceA24$959,631679$1,413$64,920,1873.8%
8Downton Abbey: A New EraFocus Features$830,0001,179$704$42,196,3503.4%
9Sonic The Hedgehog 2Paramount$228,000439$519$190,477,6082.8%
10Brian and CharlesFocus Features$198,000279$710$198,0001.1%
12Lost City, TheParamount$155,000135$1,148$105,262,5660.3%

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