The famous Burger King slogan

The Spicy Bean Burger Day Thread (June 19, 2022)

Back in the 1990s for the vegetarian there were slim pickings on the menus at fast food restaurants. McDonalds didn’t serve anything and their fries still contained beef flavouring even though they had phased out actual tallow in 1990. Here in Europe though, Burger King had a Spicy Bean Burger tucked away in the corner of their menu.

Oftentimes as a child my alcoholic mother would send me down to the local restaurant for one when it was dinner time whilst she remained in the pub; the staff were sometimes surprised they even sold a vegetarian option and it always took them twenty minutes to cook one. Still, it was damn tasty and holds a nostalgic place in the hearts of many people who enjoyed them at the time. The internet seems to be sorely lacking in images of vintage fast food menus from that era, so I can’t even find a picture of one, though it did resemble the Spicy Bean Royale from the chain’s Indian menu:

I always took the sliced tomatoes off

At some point in the new century this burger was discontinued and replaced by a far inferior veggie burger, consisting of two small patties and much less flavour. They hawk a plant-based Whopper and a Vegan Royale these days, a spectacular doubling of their vegetarian options in thirty years, whilst McDonald’s has a whole three. We’ve come a long way, baby!

Anyway, have a great Sunday and remember to take care of yourselves, everyone!