Job Rants Thread – 6/17/2022 – Training Break

Hey, all; Happy and Healthy Friday –

Um. so, can’t really rant right now; training. I think I’m on my sixth PowerPoint presentation in under 5 days, and that doesn’t even factor in the number of policy seminars I’ve completed and will need to complete, by Monday, It’s strange: On one hand, I know that a week has passed, and most definitely have felt the hours lurch by while attending all of these seminars. Yet on the other, I almost didn’t get this done, this week because I had to remind myself multiple times that, yes; it was in fact Friday, today. In truth, I’m probably operating on far less-sleep than I’ll need to be able to retain all of this; but hey, it hasn’t stopped me, before.

I should probably get going, but thanks for stopping by; Lord knows I needed the head-clearing, I’ll likely have more to say come next week as the training dies down and we go live. Plus, it’s hardly fair to start ranting about a job I barely started, no? Not to mention:, the company got us all got these sweet new personal work laptops, now, so I can’t complain too much. Don’t worry; I’m an original Millennial: I’m sure I’ll have something to kvetch about, soon enough.

As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, if out, and a great weekend. And remember: Modern job training is only as effective these days as a hotel’s WiFi strength. Or, at least that’s what I’ve been able to glean so far, this week.