30 Day Wild Card Challenge Day 14: The Novel That Defines You

We’re changing things up for the month of June by doing a “wild card” approach where there is no theme other than my own whims. Every day can shift gears, wildly, from one topic to the next!

Today, let’s talk about books! We’re all brought into the world of reading in different ways, some better than others, but there’s usually one book that you can point to that basically defines you. Something you read that serves as a guide to how you view yourself or live a part of your life. Is it one that you give to a significant other to say, “Read this and you’ll know me”?  

Bonus: What novel have you read that you once loved greatly but can’t go back to anymore?

Extra Bonus: What book do you think is overrated as something that defines a generation but didn’t quite get it?