The Bride of Re-Animator Night Thread (06/13)

Famous Brides in Film rolls along with H.P. Lovecraft’s Bride of Re-Animator.

When last we saw Dr. West, he was in dire straits as Dr. Dan Cain tried to resuscitate Meg with the reagent. Bride of Re-Animator picks up with Dr. West alive and well, working alongside Dr. Cain in South America. Dr. West is once again trying to perfect his reagent and the amount needed to restore the dead to life. Once they return to Massachusetts, a cop is hot on their tail trying to solve the Miskatonic Hospital Massacre. Dan is trying to put his past mistakes behind him but will be find a future with his new love interest or will he begrudgingly continue to help Herbert with his quest to conquer death?

I have a lot of love for this sequel. When I try to rank the Re-Animator films, the original and Part II are so close, my answer changes on any given day.

What order do you rank the Re-Animator films?

If Re-Animator was made in 2022, who would you cast as Dr. Herbert West and Dr. Dan Cain?