Werewolf 185: Art School! – Sign Ups

Welcome to The Ralph Academy for the Visual Arts, where, through a rigorous and unforgiving process of harsh analysis and critique, we transform scribblers into aesthetes.

Our lovely campus! Air conditioning coming soon!

If there’s one thing that the art world is all about, it’s making connections. And here at The Ralph Academy for the Visual Arts, we pride ourselves on our ability to call in favors from a distinguished lineup of guest lecturers, living and dead, who join us to lead workshops and offer students a new perspective on their progress.

We’ve honed our method of instruction over several half-hour planning sessions at the local Chili’s. Here’s what we came up with: Each day we will conduct a workshop, and the guest lecturer for that day will choose the theme for that day’s workshop. Students will make some art or whatever. And then—because if there’s two things that the art world is all about, it’s making connections and winning—a rotating panel of judges will assess the winner for that day’s theme. The winner will be rewarded a special (non-monetary) prize!

But don’t worry about being “good” at art to enroll! What does being “good” at art even mean?! Seriously, what does it mean? We’re genuinely asking. We honestly don’t know. Anyway, you don’t have to be “good” at art to participate. But you must be passionate. And you must be able to afford the tuition. At The Ralph Academy for the Visual Arts, we cultivate passionate artists and take most major credit cards. Honestly, if you just want to sit out the art altogether, that’s probably fine as long as you pay up!

Of course, those without the requisite passion (and/or tuition funds) will be ostracized by their classmates, expelled, and forced to enroll in a Communication Studies or, ugh, English program somewhere else—probably a state school—just like real art school! I mean, what? We are a real art school! Accredited and everything! Hahaha! Of course we are! No need to look into it!

Furthermore, let it be known that we at The Ralph Academy for the Visual Arts uphold a strict honor code and will not abide any plagiarism. Nevertheless, we understand that each class does have its share of plagiarists, and there’s really nothing our faculty can do about it (they’ve got other jobs to get to, people!). So we rely on the students themselves to rat on their fellow classmates. Administration is also aware of the “NFT boom” currently affecting the art market, and, well, we don’t know what to make of it. While we fully support making as much money as possible off the sale of art, we find the whole NFT thing to be weird, and we cannot condone, nor can we prohibit, any NFT weirdos who happen to make it into our classrooms and cause consternation.

Also, parking passes in the chartreuse lot are available for $500/week.



(I’ve got this set up for 20 players, but I can adjust for more!)


12 Diligent Students (Vanilla Town) win when they expel the Plagiarists and the NFT Weirdo. Aside from the Teaching Assistant, the Teacher’s Pet, and the Harsh Critic, the Diligent Students’ only power is their vote for whom to expel.

1 Teaching Assistant (Investigator) can choose one player to investigate each night. They will receive a reading of either “Scum,” “Not Scum,” or “Unreadable.”

1 Teacher’s Pet (Medic) can choose one player to protect from expulsion each night. The medic can protect themselves once, and they cannot protect the same player two nights in a row.

1 Harsh Critic (# shot vigilante) has the power to expel # of students as a night action.


2 Plagiarists (Vanilla Wolves) win when they outnumber the Diligent Students and have expelled the NFT Weirdo. Each night they must choose a student to expel.

1 Cool Plagiarist (Role-Blocker Wolf) can prevent a classmate from using their special ability.

1 Intensely Enigmatic Plagiarist (Scrambler Wolf) can render another classmate “unreadable” to any prying eyes.

1 NFT Weirdo (SK) wins when all the Plagiarists are expelled, and when they are the last remaining student. The NFT Weirdo will choose one fellow student to expel each night. Investigations of the NFT Weirdo will show up as “Unreadable.”


The Panel of Judges will consist of five players selected by RNG each day (as long as there are five players available). They will judge the artworks produced by their classmates each day and vote on their favorite by the end of the day. The person they vote to have the best artwork will receive a special ability. Judges cannot vote for themselves, but they can abstain from voting. The judges will be given a Discord channel to discuss their judging and cast their votes. Ties among the judges will be broken by RNG among the tied players.


Normal Werewolf rules! Wolves win when there are as many or fewer town remaining and the SK is gone. Town wins when they’ve gotten rid of the wolves and the SK.

Instead of throwing money away on a library or tenure track faculty, The Ralph Academy for the Visual Arts has invested in a Ralphroro Enterprises Werewolf-O-Matic tie breaking calculating console. Ties at the end of the day will be resolved using the Werewolf-O-Matic patented tie-breaking formula: (y + x) + ab = k

  • y = total number of letters in the first words of the avatar names of both/all tied players
  • x = total number of votes for both/all tied players
  • a = game day (i.e. “Day 1” = 1; “Day 2” = 2, etc.)
  • b = total number of remaining scum
  • k = the number of player posts, after the vote thread, when sorted by oldest. The player who posted that post will be killed.

Simple yet effective!

While you don’t have to participate in each day’s art workshop, please note that you will need to make a handful of game-related comments per Day (somewhere between three and four hundred should be fine). Failure to participate may lead to your seat in the class being ceded to another student.

NO EDITING OR DELETING for any reason, including typos.

Directly quoting or screen-shotting from Discord is not allowed.

Have some freakin fun! This is a game of murder, but it is still just a game!

  1. Grumproro
  2. Moonstermash
  3. Jake
  4. Chum
  5. Spooky
  6. Hoho
  7. Raven
  8. MSD
  9. Malthusc
  10. Marlowe
  11. Cop on the Edge-ish
  12. Sic
  13. Tiff
  14. Lamb
  15. Goat
  16. Narrowstrife
  17. April
  18. Nate
  19. Indy
  20. Dourif
  21. Queequeg


  1. Side
  2. Dicentra