Sports Corner Looks for a New Coach

Or manager. But there are a lot of openings now, from the surprise firing of Joe Maddon to the slightly less surprising departure of Quin Snyder. It’s the nature of sports in 2022 for the people put in charge of teams to be shown the door almost as soon as they get let in. But it never stopped being just a bit surprising most of the time. And it never stops being the sort of thing that doesn’t have you wondering who will be next to whisper in the ear of a superstar, with the hopes the superstar listens.

You might have noticed I skipped last week. Figured with some really lively discussions already underway about the playoffs and the French Open that I could take the week off. But I hope you feel inspired to come here and be a bit more freeform as the NBA moves to Boston and the NHL waits to see who loses to the Avs. Let’s talk sports!