Let’s Talk Arrowverse – What Do Ya Know? Superman & Lois Still Exists

In a shocking reversal, Superman & Lois is finally back on our screens after its latest hiatus … just in time for The Flash to go on a one-week hiatus of its own!

This was quite a good ep overall. Lana reckoning with the big secret was obviously done very well. Got a pretty nifty fight against God Mode Ally (complete with an active volcano!). We had Lois still being salty about her article being rewritten back in the pilot. And my personal favorite was seeing Jon, Jordan, and Natalie forming their own Teen Adventure Squad.

Was a bit let down by what we saw of Ally’s godhood. Turns out, for all the hype surrounding her fusion dance powerup … she’s basically a reimagined version of Parasite. Like, Parasite’s not a bad villain by any means, but when you’re browsing through Superman’s Rogue’s Gallery for a villain who can become the God Emperor of Two Worlds, not who I’d expect anyone to pick.

Also, something that occurred to me upon seeing John Henry fight Ally and not get energy drained. Ally’s whole thing is merging the people of Earth with their doubles on Bizarro Earth, but John and Natalie aren’t from this Earth, or this universe. I’m wondering if that might make them wild cards that Ally’s plans aren’t prepared for.

Question of the Week: Which character were you most glad to see finally learn the hero’s secret identity?