Weekly Games Thread Pretends to Know a Work from a Shoot

A good Monday to you all, and welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread!

Our prompt for today is wrestling in video games. That’s a pretty big topic; wrestling and games have had a long, ongoing relationship. I mean, you’ve got professional wrestlers dressing up as Mortal Kombat or Fire Emblem characters for matches. But here are some possible ideas:

  • Wrestling characters in fighting games, like Zangief up in that header. Fighting games love rasslin’
  • Wrestling-themed moves or abilities. Pokémon, for instance, has a Fighting type, and it’s got plenty of grappler-themed monsters and moves. I’m a big fan of Incineroar and Seismic Toss, myself
  • Wrestling mechanics in other action games, like Yakuza or No More Heroes. It’s very easy and fun to incorporate this kind of physicality into other forms of action
  • Inexplicable wrestling moments, like the notorious “Train Suplex” of Final Fantasy VI

And there’s so many more ideas you could come up with, too! Of course, don’t consider this our only topic. We’d love to hear all about what kinds of games you got to enjoy this weekend.