WW183: Changing Channels — Day Seven

Carnage at Camilla Town Corral

(a mini-series event)

Cowboy duel at Texas Hollywood/Fort Bravo western-styled theme park. Almeria. Spain

Calamity Kitty Witless twirls around on the small wooden stage as the saloon pianist plays a ragtime tune. As she finishes the number, the small audience erupts, hootin’ and hollerin’, stomping their dusty boots on the rough floor planks. Kitty smiles, breathless, and takes a conspicuously large sip of her drink. “Now, darlings,” says Kitty, her voice filling the room and reaching up to the saloon girls above, “you know Kitty always does things her own way.” The audience cheers again. “So with no further adieu, I bid you good night. I’ve had a fabulous time!” With that, Kitty falls to the ground, her collapse elegant but her skirt rucked up to her knees. As her pulse weakens, she surreptitiously reaches down and hitches her skirt a little higher. After all, this is her finest, and final, performance.

emm / Kittly Witless is dead. She was the Serial Killer.


4 Town Players

Each remaining Townsperson is Vanilla Town. But everyone is armed in the Old West, according to TV!

To win the game, Town must kill the Outlaw Partners.

2 Outlaw Partners (SK Pair)

Each Outlaw Partner has a weapon as well (naturally). In addition, should they survive the Day to make it back to their hideout, they will be able to carry out a Night kill. If one Outlaw Partner is killed, they both die.

To win the game, the Outlaw Partners must kill all Townspeople or reach the point where that is inevitable.

6 Weapons (Day Kill Devices)

Each player begins the day with one of the weapons below (each weapon was distributed once, by RNG). These weapons are to be used during Day 7. Players will name their targets in Discord, and any deaths will be revealed at Twilight. Twilight will occur when all players have named their target.

Broken Bottle (30% accuracy)

Bowie Knife (40% accuracy)

Mule Shotgun (50% accuracy)

Peacekeeper Revolver (60% accuracy)

Winchester Rifle (70% accuracy)

Dynamite (100% accuracy, but 30% chance of blowing up the user as well) 


  1. Adam – Troy McClure (Town Jailer)
  2. April – Commercial Break (Doppelgänger)
  3. Chum – Mr. Rogers Mash-up Show Pitches
  4. Cop – Sam Beckett as X
  5. copywight – Dr. Lore, Medicine Android (Vanilla Town)
  6. Cork – Friendly Background Snail (Vanilla Town)
  7. emm – Kitty and TBD’s Variety Hour (SK)
  8. Goat – Trash Muppet (Vanilla Town)
  9. hoho – Jail bird Possum
  10. Josephus – Live Studio Audience (Vanilla Town)
  11. Kim – Monsta X Stan Account (Wolf)
  12. Lamb – Yuuko Aioi (Wolf)
  13. malthusc – Chidi Anna Kendrick (Vanilla Town)
  14. Marlowe – Ron Popeil (Wolf)
  15. MSD – WandaVision (Wolf)
  16. Nate – Guy Who Has A Few Lines While Loading Or Unloading A Truck (Vanilla Town)
  17. Persephone (Wasp) – Various Characters (Vanilla Town)
  18. Queequeg – Topanga’s Ever Changing Parents (Wolf)
  19. Ralph – Pat Sajak (Vanilla Town)
  20. raven – N-ko (Vanilla Town)
  21. Sheleeta – Roomba
  22. Shinichiki – Totally Radical (Town Vig)
  23. Shipwreck – Famous Guest Star  (Vanilla Town)
  24. sic – The Previously Frozen Head of Walt Disney
  25. Side – That Loser Jerry (Town Vig)
  26. Thoughts – Tom Pari- I mean Nick Lucarno


No quoting or screencapping from Discord.

No editing any post without permission.

No discussing the game with a living player outside of the game threads and (sanctioned) Discord chats.

Night actions are mandatory.

Be chill: Attack arguments, not people.

Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind, setting aside the fact that the goal is to kill the opposing players. Most importantly, have fun!


Day 7 Twilight is whenever everyone has used their weapon. There is no Day Vote.