Artist Interview – Head Of Light Entertainment

You lot like fun, right? Check this out-

The top notch art pop of Head Of Light Entertainment there. A touch of 70s angular Sparks or the clever tunefulness of XTC mixed with the stylish energy of The Long Blondes or Theaudience. I can confirm they’re a first rate live experience and I grabbed guitarist/singer and band founder Carl Green for a few questions after their recent show at Newcastle’s Little Buildings venue.

You started off as a solo act, what was the motivation for expanding the band? 

CG – Recording wasn’t a problem but playing live solo was. Just guitar and voice was too limited a palette for the songs. In my head I could hear keys, voices, beats, but they weren’t up there on stage with me. I’m not averse to a minimal set-up but for me playing solo was a bit skeletal. I need some flesh!

You play live on a regular basis, what’s your top survival for touring? 

Don’t play too often. There’d be no thrill if we were gigging every week. 

What’s been your best and worst experience playing live? 

We’ve loads of best experiences. Supporting Echobelly at Newcastle 02 Academy, the Boiler Shop Steamer, again in Newcastle, and headlining the Dublin Castle in Camden come immediately to mind. The worst gigs are anywhere I can’t hear myself sing and unfortunately there’s been a few of them down the years.

What’s lined up for the band this summer? 

We’re putting out a four song EP later in summer and it will definitely include new “fan favourite” Sick And Tired. All sounds suitably Head Of Light Entertainment!