Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (5/10)

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Last week, we talked about Sam Raimi, who returned to movies after a 9 year hiatus to direct the latest Doctor Strange film. This inspired Mister Splendiferous to come up with this week’s prompt:

With Sam Raimi directing Dr. Strange and David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future coming out this Summer, I asked on Twitter this weekend, which director do you want to see back in the chair with a new movie?

There are many great answers to this question of directors who have seemingly gone into retirement. John Carpenter hasn’t directed a film since 2010’s The Ward. Francis Ford Coppola hasn’t directed anything since 2011’s Twixt. David Lynch is supposedly out of the game.

My first instinct was to say Dario Argento. But it turned out he actually released a movie this year, Occhiali Neri (or Black Glasses). It’s a very giallo sounding film where a blind woman, guided by a little boy, try to track down a killer.

It was not well received. Anna Smith of Deadline writes, “From the visual style to Arnaud Rebotini’s electronic score, most of it just reminds you how much better Argento was in the old days — and how many superior films have been inspired by him, from Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria to John Carpenter’s Halloween.”

And then I remember that Argento’s previous film to this one was 2012’s Dracula 3D. Sure, Rutger Hauer is in it as Vas Helsing. That doesn’t stop it from being the Dracula film that looks most like it was direct-to-streaming.

So while Argento, like Sam Raimi, doesn’t really qualify for this prompt, it is a reminder of the perils of a director coming out of retirement. We may have dreams that the director will hit another one out of the park — another Deep Red or Suspiria or even Phenomena — but there’s even odds that their next movie is going to be Dracula 3D.

Can you outrun the Ghost of Mars, John Carpenter?