Remembering Neal Adams

Legendary comic heavyweight Neal Adams passed away last week and I’m posting this Comic Book Chat to discuss his career, which spanned multiple decades. He was a humanitarian that looked out for his fellow man and lobbied for those that were cheated out of their fair share of money and recognition by publishers.

I met Mr. Adams at a signing event years ago held at one of the local comic shops in the Pittsburgh area and I got to speak with him. I was in awe of him and I tried to maintain my composure and not come off like a buffoon ( I’m sure we have all been there once or twice, especially when you get a chance to meet one of your heroes). Out of all the books I could have him sign, it was an issue of Batman: Odyssey. I still have it and its in a secure location for safe keeping.

Feel free to share some personal stories of Mr. Adams if you had the chance to meet him. Please also tell us some of your favorite stories written and drawn by him. Maybe you like a particular issue or page drawn by him or maybe one of those eye-popping comic covers still catches your eye to this day. Feel free to post those panels and covers in the comment section.

Let us pay tribute to a legend and remember him, gone too soon, but never forgotten.