MST3000 Season 13 Premier Countdown Extravaganza 3000 Day 2!

Hi everybody, welcome to the Satellite of Love! As you may be aware, Mystery Science Theater 3000 successfully Kickstarted and filmed its 13th season last year. The first three episodes of this new season will premiere in the not-too-distant-future of next Friday AD, exclusively at, a new streaming service for all things MST. Today I thought we’d talk about the ‘bots, those mechanized wisecrackers made of spare parts whose job it is to be the host’s only bulwark against utter insanity. And also run the higher functions of the ship.

If there’s one constant about the ‘bots, it’s change. Their looks, their personalities and of course, their voices have all changed pretty radically over the past 30 years, as numerous performers have stepped into their roles. Which bot’s your favorite? What are some of your favorite moments with them?

Bonus prompt: If you had your druthers, which Crow Servo would be on your movie riffing dream team? Would you keep them together or mix & match? Or would you go big, and stick them all together in the theater at once?