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The Thursday Women+ Thread Knows Bad Therapy

This is a safe space: a space for women+ to come together as we are. All of our wants, needs, thoughts, feelings, experiences, losses, successes etc. are welcome. We are here to support each other during trying times and grief, as well as to celebrate each other. If you are a woman+, you belong here. Your contributions are valid and valued: this is the space for us to be ourselves, whatever state it may be that we find ourselves in. It is okay to be angry, happy, sad, disgusted, overjoyed, pensive. It is okay to be in need. We are here to support each other.

The prompts are entirely optional: any contribution/rant/thought experiment by a woman+ is always welcome. There’s also a sub thread for people to suggest future topics.

Some guidelines to help this space be a positive experience for everyone:

As always with the Avocado, don’t feel compelled to share beyond your comfort level. 

Anyone who identifies as female, or who was socialized female/AFAB/otherwise has firsthand experience with the issues being discussed, is welcome to post. If you identify as cis-male, we ask that you please set your participation to “lurk” mode, unless otherwise explicitly invited to participate further (i.e. if we did an AMA kind of thread). I’m sure there’s plenty to be gleaned just by reading! (New Guideline, please take note) This includes upvotes, we ask cis-men to keep their upvotes to commenters who voluntarily add “+up” to their comments and only those comments.

Please do your best to be mindful of others’ experiences when commenting or posing questions for the group. The female+ identity is Legion and contains multitudes, and not everyone who has experience with being treated as female by society identifies as female. Furthermore, racial and ethnic identities, sexual orientation, and many other factors can colour how one experiences their gender identity on a day-to-day basis.

Suggested Prompt (courtesy of Veronica): It has come up in conversations on this thread a couple of times now: how many of us have had horrid experiences with mental health care professionals. As we all know, a lot of theories still floating around are steeped in misogyny to begin with, starting with the ever-so over-popular term “hysteria”, stemming from hystera, the Greek term for uterus (since originally, the symptoms were believed to be caused by the uterus wandering up a woman’s throat, basically strangling us from the inside). Yup. Many of us women+ have experienced being dismissed, belittled, overmedicated, misdiagnosed, or outright attacked by the very people – psychotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers etc. – who were supposed to help us grow into our fully realised selves.

Let’s talk red flags, let’s talk what we wish we had known, and also: what we do know, about ourselves and each other. Conversely, maybe those amongst us who have had good experiences can share green flags. If you have resources to recommend, those would be welcome, too! It’s a pity that oftentimes, we have to take care of ourselves and each other in lieu of those who should or should have, but damn right that we can.

If you’d rather talk about something else entirely, that’s fine, too!

To borrow from Captain Awkward: Don’t have to be cool to be kind.

Have at it, luvs!