Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Look Who’s Back, Back Again

Damn, those Caitlin & Ronnie flashbacks were sweet, weren’t they? It’s been so long since we’ve seen Caitlin being happy and adorable, it’s a stark reminder that that used to be a common thing with her. And you can’t pin that shift entirely on Ronnie’s death; remember, she spent the first half of Season 1 believing he was dead before his miraculous Firestorm resurrection (which really seems like the sort of thing that should’ve come up at some point this ep, huh?)

There were a lot of great ideas touched on in this story, but a couple things were off. One is that there was too much long winded technobabble; I know The Flash always has tons of that, but when following the technobabble is key to understanding the stakes of the big emotional drama, it can be a hindrance.

The other problem, is Barry. They had a solid angle here with Caitlin being determined to bring Ronnie back to life, even when evidence mounts that Ronnie doesn’t want to be brought back, just put out of his misery. Except Barry is against the idea long before any of that evidence comes to light. He just has a gut reaction that says “Hard No” to Ronnie’s resurrection, and spends the rest of the episode seizing any justification he can find for shutting it down.

I guess if you’re someone who believes in intuition and gut instincts, then this would make Barry look like the insightful hero, who knows better than to trust something that’s too good to be true. But if you don’t put much stock in intuition … then Barry’s just being an asshole.

Oh, and a nitpick: Cecile seems pretty certain that the person she sensed inside the black flame was Ronnie, even though … I mean, I don’t think they ever met, right? Eh, I guess whenever you notice something like that, Crisis on Infinite Earths did it.

Question of the Week: Which character resurrection was handled the best? Which was handled the worst?