Comic Book Chat – The End

Before your heart skips a beat, no this isn’t the end of the Comic Book Chat.

Today we are talking about the end of your favorite superheroes/villains.

I finished Batman – Last Knight on Earth this week which serves as the “final” Batman story.

Alan Moore wrote Superman – Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? as he showed readers the final days of Superman (just before COIE rebooted him). Marvel released The End series of comics featuring Wolverine, The Hulk, and the Fantastic Four.

All things come to an end. Sometimes endings are new beginnings. Today we are discussing your favorite final stories/endings of comics stories and asking how you would end a superhero or supervillains career or put an end to their comic series.

When discussing the end of specific comic series ( for example – Y :The Last Man and The Walking Dead ), please use the spoiler tag, so we don’t ruin anything for those that haven’t finished it yet.