Werewolf 180 – Agatha Raisin – Day Three

Time to regroup! Sure, the body count just keeps climbing. And the suspect list is only getting more convoluted. Not to mention, the local authorities are…not too bright. But Agatha Raisin is on the case! AND, I was able to get a massage and a manicure. So cheer up, everyone! Oh, right, I also have exciting news to share about Tom Brundage’s will. I’m sure you’ve all been paying attention and reading between the lines and have figured out that Tom is Betty Brundage’s husband. Or, he WAS her husband. He died six months ago. And she died a couple days ago. Remember? The Secretary of the Cloud Watching Club? Right. So, the will stipulated that the Cloud Watching Club would be given a large sum of money after his death. But ONLY if Timothy Grey remained President. Strange, right? I can’t make heads or tails of it. What a strange request! Perhaps we should find a way to question Timothy again, considering the last attempt was…less than successful. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering how we finally got a copy of the will, we have Bill to thank! Yes, everyone’s favorite Detective Constable! The polite and kind Bill used his connections to send a copy my way. Unfortunately…really, he is a very good detective, I mean it! But, well, he can be so easily distracted by Red Herrings. You understand, don’t you? Yes, he won’t be able to help us anymore. I’m absolutely gutted, but we must press on.

Sasahara-San (Lamb) has been eliminated. He was DC Bill Wong (Town Cop).

However! I also have some delightful news to share. It seems one of our suspects, Bella Fletcher, can absolutely, positively be cleared of all suspicion. What? You all didn’t suspect Bella, the local gossip? I mean, she did seem to know an awful lot about everything. And she basically threatened the entire Cloud Watching Club the other day. Alright, I guess I was the only one to suspect her! But, no matter, she’s so smitten with the charming newcomer that she’s given up her gossiping ways and will no longer be distracting any of us. 

Fleabag (Side) has been eliminated. He was a Red Herring (Vanilla Wolf).

Right then, I’m off to London for some very important research. No, I’m not just buying a new dress. You can’t prove that! 

Town Roles:

12 9 Totally Normal Villagers (Vanilla Town)

1 DC Bill Wong (Town Cop)

1 Sir Charles Fraith (Town Jailer) 

Scum Roles:

3 2 Average Red Herrings (Vanilla Wolves)

1 Super Sneaky Red Herring – Like, Are You SURE They’re Not the Killer? (Wolf Blocker)

1 Distracting Love Interest (SK)

Please note that you will need to make a handful of game-related comments per Day (three to six at least). Villagers who don’t participate in village activities will…let’s just say…be noticed. You don’t want to be noticed, do you? Didn’t think so!

Roleplaying is encouraged but not required. Daily events may take place, with warning, and prizes will be awarded that may or may not aid you in your investigations. You never know when a village fête might happen!

During the day, your job is to decide who is committing these murders without getting distracted by Red Herrings or Love Interests. Villagers win when all distractions are removed. Then, and only then, will Agatha Raisin reveal who the murderer is. The Red Herrings win if they outnumber the Villagers and the Love Interest is gone. The Love Interest wins (the love of Agatha Raisin!) if they last to the end of the game and all Red Herrings are gone.

If a majority is reached before official Twilight, the Day will automatically end (even if Agatha is busy, or sleeping, or drinking. You get the idea.)

In the case of a tie, the accused will have one more chance to plead for their lives. If that doesn’t work, random chance will take over.

All villagers are expected to follow these rules, be polite, and to remain silent after Twilight and elimination. Agatha does not like to be outshined, so you better not steal her spotlight. 

NO EDITING OR DELETING for any reason, including typos and formatting mistakes. I’m cruel, I know. Directly quoting or screenshotting from Discord is not allowed.

This is a game of murder, but it is still just a game. Attack arguments, not people, and try to be kind to everyone (even scum). 

As soon as we reach a KiLo (Kill or Lose) scenario, auto-kill will require all players to vote before being triggered.

Well done! You’re a Totally Normal Villager (VT), and you’ve been asked to assist Agatha Raisin. Please do help her not become distracted by Red Herrings or a new Love Interest. Oh, and don’t get distracted either! Your power is your vote, so make it count!

  1. Lindsay (Mrs. Lovett) Town Jailer
  2. sic (Professor Hershel Layton)
  3. Shipwreck (Captain Rex Shipton)
  4. hoho (Red Shirt)
  5. Side (Fleabag) Vanilla Wolf
  6. Ralph (Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby)
  7. Kim (Monsta X Stan Account)
  8. Nate (Inspector Jacques Clouseau)
  9. Goat (Colonel Goat)
  10. Marlowe (Capt. Hastings) VT
  11. Narrow (Kate Bush)
  12. emm (Kitty Witless)
  13. Wasp (Lola, the Dog Catcher) VT
  14. jake (Geoff, the Tree) VT
  15. Mrs Queequeg (Queen’s PR)
  16. Lamb (Sasahara-San) Town Cop
  17. April Tiff (Sherlock Hound)
  18. Indy (Prez)
  19. malthusc (Hannah Swensen)


  1. Mac

You have until Thursday, 12:00 PM Central to decide who to send to Agatha Raisin for “elimination”.

Day One
Day Two