Weekly Games Thread Stacks Up, Teams Up, and Doubles Up—FOR EVIL!!!

Happy Monday, folks of the Avocado, and welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread

For the past week, I’ve been loosely knocking my head against a wall in Elden Ring. There’s this required late game boss fight, and it sure is a doozy. It pits you against two enemies at once! Surely that’s unfair.

Or is it? After all, the “villain team-up” is a huge part of high concept pop culture. And the gaming industry has spent decades mining it, as team-ups for boss fights are a huge deal. The fight I’m in is a tribute to one of the more famous, ole’ Ornstein & Smough from Dark Souls, but there’s so many of them. I can’t even keep track of ’em all!

That’s where you come in. What is your favorite boss fight to feature multiple, synchronous foes? Doesn’t have to be two. In fact, let’s open this up further. What is your least favorite? What’s the most memorable? And forget bosses; what are your favorite team-ups from regular enemies?

Of course, while you’re thinking of that, what games have you been playing over the weekend? And in the meantime, check out these worthwhile links: