Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Don’t Play With Fire

This week’s Flash was another mostly decent outing. That our latest Big Bad is some sort of weird, living fire entity is cool (though I hope we don’t have to rely too much on Cecile relating to us what the fire is feeling). Not sure where Iris’s Coast City storyline is going, and this whole “time sickness” thing has always been frustratingly ill-defined.

One thing that … well, no, I won’t say it bugged me. Amused me, that’s closer to the mark. One thing that amused me is how the characters forgot about the larger, weirder universe they’re part of: Iris is surprised there are metahumans with no connection to Central City, and Allegra states there’s no such thing as ghosts, when other Arrowverse shows have repeatedly shown us both of those things.

On the Superman & Lois front, it was kinda weird how Sarah and Natalie are each having these emotional struggles with their parents, while the Kent family is very chill about Clark having flown into an interdimensional portal and not being heard from since. I get that them grappling with what this means probably happened in those thirty days the episode montaged over, but still.

The ending, though? That made me laugh out loud. It’s not just that Bizarro Jonathan is like a 90’s/early 2000’s version of a Bad Boy (earring, leather jacket, hairdo that sticks straight up), but Lois takes one look at him and realizes immediately he must be an evil alternate-universe version of Jonathan. But maybe I should expect that sort of genre savviness from Lois Lane, who’s been tied up by so many bad guys, she knows all the different kinds of knots.

Question of the Week: Which Arrowverse character would make the best babysitter?