WW 179: Whose Line Is It Anyway – Day 6

The host is sitting at his desk, sighing and relistening to his favorite podcast episodes. The producers hand him a letter.

“Alright, for my next game, I’ll need nine…surely there are less by now.”

“Nope, still nine.”

The host slams his desk.

“I was promised a show, John. Not the improv equivalent to the Great British Bake Off. Where in god’s name is the bloodbath I was promised?”

The audience is silent, as our the contestants. The host is evidently still miked.

“Annnnyway, for my next game I’ll need all nine players. From the audience I’ll need a place, a snackfood, and a flimsy reason to relieve someone of the one life they’ve been given.”

Nobody died.

  1. Side Character Role Blocker Wolf

2. April Overeager Audience Member

3. Mac

4. spooky

5. Marlowe Vanilla Town

6. Grumproro Vanilla Town

7. Goat Vanilla Town

8. Shipwreck

9. ByCracky Vanilla Town

10. Longbox Jockey Vanilla Town

11. Lindsay

12. MSD Vanilla Town

13. Hayes

14. copywight

15. Cork

16. Emm

17. Owen Studio Intern

18. Ralph Curse-Maker Wolf

19. QQ Vanilla Town

20. Wasp


Adam F.


7 Townies

5 Struggling Improv Comics – Vanilla Town, with no power other than their vote.

1 H&M Assistant – Jailer. Removes someone from play each night but also cancels their night action, if they have one.

1 Prop-master – Inventor. Each night hands out a prop to a different person. The person must convince me how they can best use that prop to track/heal/kill someone. If successful, the action takes place and the power is taken out of rotation. (This means there is at most one heal, one tracking action, and one kill caused by the Prop-master.)

2 Former Contestants (Wolves)

Thespian – So good at acting they read as “Not Wolf” if investigated.

Casting Director – On Night 0 will be given a list of five players (which may include wolves) and five RPs. Assigns the RPs among the players however they see fit.


Upon signup, each player should privately contact the mod on Discord with an RP suggestion, to be accepted or rejected by the mod. (Nothing mean-spirited, and nothing wolf-adjacent.) Accepted RPs will be added to the pool and then randomly assigned to each player on Night 0. Players will not receive the RP they suggested themselves.

Players must make three RP posts on a given day before they are allowed to cast a vote.

The more specific and weird your suggestions, the better. The mod reserves the right to add his own suggestions to the pool, so not every suggestion may be used.

General Rules

Ties will be handled by RNG among tied players.

Roles and RPs will revealed upon death.

As soon as we reach a KiLo (Kill or Lose) scenario, auto-kill will require all players to vote before being triggered.

Have patience with the mod and especially other players. Attack arguments and not people.

The mod reserves the right to add events or rule changes as he sees fit for balancing purposes.

Twilight will be at 8 PM Central Saturday, April 2nd.