Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Family Drama

Superman & Lois was back this week, and the Allie plot looks to be ramping up, now that we’ve got some genuine interdimensional portal action going. And I’m just now realizing how much of a reversal it is that Lois’s father Sam Lane is the good-hearted lovable one, and it’s her sister Lucy who’s crossing over into villain territory. From what I remember of Supergirl Season 1, it was flipped around there. (And I bet James Olsen, Lucy’s ex-boyfriend, is thinking: wow, dodged a bullet there.)

While I didn’t like the Jonathan-using-Kryptonian-steroids plot, I am liking how they’re dealing with the aftermath. Lois and Clark keep hammering home to him all the dire consequences he’ll continue to face if he doesn’t tell where he got those X-K inhalers, but they don’t realize how, in doing so, they’re making him feel more committed to keeping the secret, since then he’d be inflicting those consequences on Candace. It’s some nice writing.

As for The Flash ep … it was frustrating. Conceptually, it’s fine, but some sloppy parts of the storytelling kept bugging me. Like, it takes an agonizingly long time for Barry or Team Flash to try figuring out who else could have killed the bartender with meta fire powers. Tracking down metahuman criminals is their whole thing; if they want to prove this Birch innocent, finding the real killer should have been the first thing they tried, not the last. (I kept expecting a twist that the guy’s son was the killer, trying to frame his dad so he wouldn’t have to spend time with him anymore. Though, that’d be pretty dark for current Flash.)

Also, how did no one bring up that even if Birch is innocent of murder, breaking out of jail is still a serious crime he could go to prison for? It’d violate his parole, if nothing else. And everyone seems remarkably unconcerned that if this guy gets upset enough, he can set off a city destroying volcano. I’m not sure you get brownie points for saving the city from a disaster that you yourself caused.

Oh, and this last one isn’t a complaint, just something that struck me as odd/funny. Frost is hanging out at Star Labs in her civilian clothes. Barry grabs her and takes her along as he speeds to the crime scene. And when they get there, Frost is in her superhero costume. So … did Barry un/re-dress her at superspeed?

In other news, the CW has renewed many of its series for next season, including The Flash and Superman & Lois … but not Batwoman or Legends of Tomorrow. They haven’t been cancelled as of yet, either; they just haven’t said anything about them one way or another. Which is … worrying. I’m worried.

Question of the Week: Best villain redemption story?