Evil Dead 2 Day Thread (03/27)

Evil 2 Dead By Dawn is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2022.

Released on March 13th 1987, this horror/comedy stars Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, who once again fights for his survival against demonic forces at a remote cabin in the woods. This time he has some help with the assistance of Annie Knowby and Ed Getley, played by Sarah Uriarte Berry and Richard Domeier.

Today’s Trivia – The glove belonging to Freddy Krueger can be seen hanging above the door of the tool shed in the movie. The original Evil Dead plays on Nancy’s television as she tries to stay awake in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Ash and Freddy would meet face to face in the comic book crossover Freddy vs. Jason. vs. Ash and its sequel series.

Something to Discuss – Tell us your favorite Evil Dead movie in the trilogy. Are you a fan of the remake from 2013? Were you a fan of Ash vs. Evil Dead? So many questions to answer today! Have a groovy Sunday everyone!