AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: Yig Snake Granddaddy, Part 24

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This week, we’re talking about the Bladesinger Wizard subclass. Originally created by elves, the tradition of Bladesinging combines wizardry, swordplay, and dance, using elegant maneuvers to fend off harm and channel magic into powerful attacks and cunning defenses.

Starting at 2nd level, your Training in War and Song gives you proficiency with light armor, one type of one-handed melee weapon, and the Performance skill. You also learn to invoke the Bladesong, a secret elven magic that grants you supernatural speed, agility, and focus. As a bonus action, you can start the Bladesong, provided you aren’t wearing medium or heavy armor or carrying a shield. It lasts for 1 minute and grants a bonus to your AC equal to your INT modifier, increases your walking speed by 10 feet, gives you advantage an Acrobatics checks, and adds a bonus to CON saving throws made to maintain concentration on a spell equal to your INT modifier. The song ends early if you are incapacitated, if you put on medium or heavy armor or a shield, or if you make a two-handed weapon attack. You can use the Bladesong a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, regaining expended uses with a long rest.

At level 6, you can make an Extra Attack, allowing you to make two attacks with an action instead of one. You can also replace one of those attacks with a cantrip.

At 10th level, you learn to incorporate a Song of Defense into your Bladesong, directing your magic to absorb damage. If you take damage while your Bladesong is active, you can use a reaction and expend a spell slot to reduce the damage by 5 times the level of the spell slot.

Finally, at level 14, you also add a Song of Victory to your Bladesong, allowing you to add your INT modifier to the damage rolls from your melee weapon attacks while the Bladesong is active.

Players and Characters

Wafflicious is in the DM’s seat for this 5e Cthulhu Mythos adventure. Our players include:

  • JosephusBrown as Anton Illinois (Human Inquisitive Rogue/Fighter), a disgraced archaeology professor who has turned to seeking arcane rituals
  • CleverGuy as Bastian Updelver (Deep Gnome Alchemist Artificer), an eccentric local potionmaker
  • TheHayesCode as Hazel Green (Dhampir Spirits Bard), a flapper, séance MC, and aspiring spiritualist
  • Spiny Creature as Ku (Kenku Twilight Cleric), a local priestess of Bastet, goddess of protection
  • The Wasp as Leah Zann (Tiefling Great Old One Warlock), a professor from Miskatonic University who accepted a deal with Yog Sothoth to get an advantage over her male colleagues
  • Otto as Minty Rocksmasher (Dwarf Berserker Barbarian), survivor of an eldritch accident which decimated her tribe
Spiders, Snakes, and Honeypots

Excerpts from the notes of Bastian Updelver…

We left our friend Sasshiss in his new home feeling pretty good about ourselves. That good feeling didn’t last very long, though. Ku was able to contact Cathbad, and we found out that Enni had been killed and her death had taken a toll on Gunner. The other group had decided to head back to Ventissa, and Cathbad also mentioned something about “The Spider” (I could hear the capital letters in his voice when Ku repeated the message to us) that we’d have to deal with if we stayed. When Ku mentioned The Spider, I saw the color drain from Hazel’s face as she put down the manuscript she’d been helping Anton go over. We’ve been out in the wilds for weeks now, and I never realized she had such a fear of arachnids.

Anyway, we all decided together that, having come as far as we did, we should try to see this mission through. So, nothing for it but to push on. We headed south toward a large rocky outcropping where we should find the last two red snake totems. Along the way we were nearly trampled by a pack of those big horned lizard beasts, but Ku let out a roar just like a Tyrannosaurus that scattered the herd. It’s amazing such a sound could come from such a small creature. Well, I suppose I should help decipher these manuscripts as well…

I never realized what fascinating creatures snakes are! There are so many varieties, of all colors and sizes. Some are nocturnal, some diurnal, and some are even crepuscular. And of course, the venom of certain snakes is quite deadly. Between that and their potential for near-silent approach, they’re nearly perfect killing machines. I can see why some people would start to worship them as gods. Oh, we destroyed another totem, and Hazel talked to a skeleton again but didn’t learn much. There was a magic helmet, I think Ku took it. I captured a snake while I was taking my watch! She’s about 5-feet long, and I don’t think she’s dangerous. Her scales are a beautiful shade of green–I’ll call her Emerald. I’ve tucked her in my bag for safekeeping–I’ll have to start trying to catch field mice for her to eat. She should be good for a while though, some snakes can go for months without food…

Well, this is embarrassing, but I suppose I should be honest for posterity. We did manage to destroy the last totem, but most of us, myself included, fell into a honeypot trap along the way. The last totem was hidden in a cave near the top of this mountain, but as we entered the cave, we were seized by sudden compulsion that pulled us right past the totem and into a hole filled with bones and other detritus. Must have been there for decades, pulling in random travelers. Thankfully Ku and Leah weren’t effected, and they were able to destroy the totem while the rest of us floundered in the honeypot. They also managed to smack some sense into us, one at a time, and pull us out of the hole. On the plus side, while we were in there, we found a few treasures. Bits of armor and weapons from long-dead adventures, a scroll of Web, a Bag of Holding, a pretty decent amount of electrum coins, a magic Ring of Evasion. Even a weird little brass bust that seems to be able to store some magic inside of it. All’s well that ends well, I suppose…