Guy Talk: Raising Girls vs. Raising Boys

Welcome to Guy Talk, a serious space to discuss masculinity, good and bad.

This week’s prompt is the way that boys and girls are raised – in particular, the way that we are raised with different expectations according to our gender.

Some ground rules on how to use the space:

1) Anyone can post in the thread, not just those who identify as men.

2) We are a trans-inclusive space – “man” is a gender category, and therefore not dependent on the sex we were assigned at birth.

3) Guy Talk is a place to discuss all aspects of masculinity – gender expression, fatherhood, relationships. The tone of the thread is serious – we can joke around a bit, but please treat other commentators respectfully.

4) Like the rest of The Avocado, it is not OK to be bigoted or misogynistic. Minimizing and/or trivializing the lived experiences of others is also not OK.

I look forward to reading your comments.