The President’s Day Sales Have Marked the Monday Politics Thread Half Off

US lifts ban on Mexican avocados

The United States is resuming its avocado inspection program in Mexico’s Michoacán state a week after imposing a temporary ban in response to a US inspector receiving a death threat.


Democrats Call On Biden Administration To Address Treatment of Black Migrants

Lawmakers point to amending the use of Title 42 and comprehensive reviews of the immigration system as solutions.

The Root

How the Young Lords Fought for Health Care Access and Won

It was the summer of 1969, and piles of garbage lined New York City’s 110th Street. The neighborhood of East Harlem was severely lacking in sanitation services, and a group of activists, known as the Young Lords, was fed up. They snatched brooms from the Sanitation Department and swept piles of trash into the streets, adding old mattresses, furniture, and sinks for effect. The “Garbage Offensive” had officially begun. The problem at hand was neglected trash, but the greater issue was unequal health and living conditions.

Teen Vogue

Furious Trump Says Taking Home Classified Documents Was Part Of ‘Routine’ Process

The former president said he didn’t have time to steal records; he was too busy making America perfect.


The Alleged Culture of Racism at Tesla’s Most Important Factory

In November 2017, Marcus Vaughn, a former assembly worker, filed a lawsuit against Tesla, calling the plant “a hotbed of racist behavior.” He alleged that Black workers were repeatedly abused and harassed.This past week, the state of California filed its own suit.


Experts warn ‘not to get too cocky’ as US contemplates life after Covid

Cases, deaths, and hospitalizations have plummeted – but transmission remains high across the nation

The Guardian

Workers find a box under a Jefferson Davis Confederate monument. The Black History Museum will decide its future

While dismantling the pedestal that once held a Jefferson Davis statue in Richmond, Virginia, workers on Wednesday discovered a box encased in stone, the city said.


Florida Legislature, if you’re going to rule over wombs, why not testicles, too?

Warning: This column on reproductive rights in Florida might contain graphic, sensitive commentary to Republican male ears.

Miami Herald

Bionic Eye Patients Are Going Blind Again After Manufacturer Decides They’re Obsolete

In a truly dystopian turn of events, some recipients of bionic eye technology are going blind after their implants become obsolete and the company behind it stopped supporting them. 


Opinion: Teachers used to anglicize the names of Latino children. It happened in my family, too.

I’d raise my hand and shout out, “Here!” before the teachers butchered my name.

San Diego Union Tribune

Your humble politics thread host knows that annoyance well. And the same tactic was generally employed. Didn’t work. It was embarrassing and uncomfortable every time.

The contorted Presidential Records Act is a bipartisan scam to hide White House mischief

Former presidents should forfeit any right to confidentiality of their papers on the day they sign a (very lucrative) contract to write a memoir.

USA Today

Kim Potter Sentenced Just Two Years in Prison for the Killing of Daunte Wright

The two-year sentence is nearly five years less than what the prosecution was requesting. The attorneys for Potter wanted a lesser sentence because she had no criminal record and felt remorseful for the killing of Wright.

The Root

No-Knock Warrants: What Are They and How Are They Used?

“They’re not functionally doing anything to keep people safer or reduce crime.”

Teen Vogue

Anti-Trans Bills Across the U.S. Are Wreaking Havoc on Teens

After signing the first anti-trans bill of 2022 into law, Governor Kristi Noem wondered aloud why so many LGBTQ+ youth have anxiety or depression.


More US adults identify as LGBTQ now than at any time in the past decade, a new poll says

The rise can be attributed to Gen Z, according to Gallup — about 21% of adults born between 1997 and 2003 identify as LGBTQ. Meanwhile, 10.5% of millennials, the generation that includes adults born between 1981 and 1996, identify as LGBTQ, per the poll, and the percentages dwindle among the preceding generations.


‘Hacker’ Steals NFTs ‘Worth’ Millions From Opensea Users

The thief then, for whatever reason, gave some stuff back to victims


New mail voter ID rules sow confusion in Texas with thousands of ballots at risk of rejection

Voters can still fix ballots to have them counted in the March 1 primary, but county officials are concerned about the sky-high rate of errors due to confusion over the new election law.

NBC News

The Atlantic Daily: Why Human Rights Have Disappeared From Our Politics

This year’s Olympic Games are a grim illustration of an indifferent new attitude toward human rights, George Packer argues.

The Atlantic

Transgender people have always been with us. They aren’t ‘pretending’ about anything

A lot has changed for gay Americans since the ‘90s. In 1996, this newspaper posed a question in a headline about same-sex marriage that seems insulting today: “Let them marry?” As even the conservative Supreme Court (narrowly) affirmed not even seven years ago, Americans shouldn’t have to ask anyone’s permission to exercise their fundamental rights.

But for transgender people, progress has been a lot slower. That’s because sexual orientation — whom we’re attracted to — is a pretty simple concept. Gender identity is completely different: a mixture of biological characteristics and social roles that many people experience along a continuum.

The Kansas City Star

The real reason Tucker Carlson is obsessed with calling AOC white

Of course, Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, whose father married an heiress to the Swanson chicken empire, was likely projecting his own world onto Ocasio-Cortez when he was mentioning Jackson Hole. And he specifically said it to discredit Ocasio-Cortez’s experience as a Latina. But more importantly, it’s ludicrous for Carlson to police the racial identity of the congresswoman, who firmly identifies as a Puerto Rican, since Latinas don’t even agree on who is white and who is a person of colour.

….as Jack Herrera has written, Hispanics in Texas are more likely to identify as white and many do not think of themselves as people of color. As one Tejana told him, “I’m too white to be Mexican, and I’m too Mexican to be white.” In fact, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ended the Mexican-American War specifically stipulated that Hispanics who became citizens be considered white, as Texas was a state where it was legal to enslave Black people. Growing up, my right-wing Ronald Reagan-loving dad used to tell me about the old saying, “if you’re white you’re all right, if you’re brown, stick around. If you’re Black, you go back,” which I took as only apocryphal until I heard a song by the bluesman Big Bill Broonzy that had the exact phrase.


FDA Is Reportedly Considering Whether to Approve a Second Booster Shot for This Fall

An annual covid-19 vaccination in the same vein as the yearly flu vaccine is also being reviewed.


‘We’re in danger of forgetting’: congressman’s warning 80 years after Japanese American incarceration

What is remembered as one of the darkest chapters in American history was set in motion on 19 February 1942, 74 days after Japan attacked on Pearl Harbor, when Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066.

The Guardian

Why Americans should care about the Ukraine-Russia conflict

The risk of the conflict escalating beyond Ukraine is “high,” one expert said.

ABC News

‘Important opportunity’: Myanmar Rohingya genocide case to resume

Experts say unease over military representatives appearing for country should not detract from goal of achieving justice for Rohingya.


Dominican Republic begins building border wall with Haiti

The Dominican government on Sunday began building a wall that will cover almost half of the 392-kilometre (244 miles) border with Haiti, its only land neighbor, to stop irregular migration and the smuggling of goods, weapons and drugs.


How much longer do we have to pretend that Brexit might work?

Persevering with this policy, as Labour suggests, is as bad for the country as persevering with this charlatan prime minister

The Guardian

The story of how Swahili became Africa’s most spoken language

Once just an obscure island dialect of an African Bantu tongue, Swahili has evolved into Africa’s most internationally recognised language. It is peer to the few languages of the world that boast over 200 million users.

The Conversation

Migrants at the Mexican Border Sew Their Mouths Shut In Protest

Mexican immigration services report that asylum applications have reach new numbers since the U.S. has become strict with access to the southern border.

The Root