Definitely Dinosaurs Night Thread

I’ve got Playskool Dinosaurs.
They’re big and strong and tough.
I can make ’em stomp.
I can make ’em growl.
I can play with them real rough!

Definitely Dinosaurs Commercial

Playskool’s Definitely Dinosaurs arrived in toy stores in 1987. Each dinosaur came with a cave person (“Cavester”) action figure and a short comic book. The comic involved the Cavester having a simple adventure with their chosen dinosaur. Most of the Cavesters were muscle men but the Tyranosaurus was accompanied by the Smurfette of the group.

Additional figures were released over the next few years, including miniature ones for fast food kids meals. I had a sizable collection. The commercial was right. These toys were sturdy and heavy. You could play with them real rough. You can learn more about them on Dinopedia.

When did you first learn about dinosaurs? Did you have a favorite? Tell us in the night thread!