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The Friday PT Looks for America!

Another one of my favorite political(ish) songs is America by Simon & Garfunkel! This song tells the story of Paul Simon and Kathy Chitty as they travel by way of buses and hitchhiking across America. During this trip Paul Simon suffers an existential crisis about being an American and what that means to him. Now I am not nor have I ever hitchhiked anywhere but I still relate hard to Simon’s crisis and especially the last few years as I questioned the meaning of America itself. Ever the optimist though I’m sure when I find the answer it’ll be at least satisfactory.

Ooh Also this week I am not busy on Thursday evenings so here is a roundup of interesting articles and videos I’ve seen this week:


That’s it for me this week! Remember: No Hog Poggling, No McSquirrel Violations, Tip your local Clam Fighter and Be Excellent To Each Other