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The Thursday Politics Thread Violates The Presidential Records Act!

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

Welp, the former President appears to have, in addition to basically everything else on the list of things not to do, may have violated the Presidential Records Act. Upon leaving office, Trump failed to send documents back to the National Archives and instead were found at Mar-A-Lago by a team sent to retrieve the documents. The National Archives has sense determined that some of those documents were classified. Hm! Sure sounds like another illegal thing he did! Will he be held to account?

Anyway, as things continue to fall apart, as Nazi Gazpacho troops are rallied by Nancy Pelosi, we still have people fighting to keep things together. See, in response to the right wings coordinated assault on school boards, suburban “Blue” moms are organizing to counter their efforts.

I get frustrated with the Democrats’ lack of movement, to be quite transparent,” said Rahman, who recently joined Red Wine and Blue. “I think the other side has an engine that is always moving. They have a playbook. They’re playing chess and we’re playing Go Fish or something.”

Well said! It’s important to note that not everyone is taking things lying down. I hope that’s what happening at the local level is spurring more responses like this.

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