New Game Releases 02/01/22 – 02/07/22

We’ve made it to February, folks, can you believe it? Only 326 days left until Christmas so you better start planning now! I’m giving in to my disease, my disease of my needs!


Top Releases:

Dying Light 2: Stay Human (PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Series X|S) – Releases Feb. 4th (Switch release date TBD)

Developed by: Techland
Published by: Techland

From developer Techland, the people behind Dead Island, comes Dying Light 2, an open world action/RPG about humans living in a zombie apocalypse. Initially set for an early 2020 release, Dying Light 2 was delayed twice, first to Q4 2021, and then finally to its current Feb. 4th release date. Techland came under fire a couple times during development, the first was when one of the game’s writers, the well known Chris Avellone, was accused of sexual misconduct, prompting Techland to immediately sever ties with him, and the second was a recent tweet put out by the company that boasted of Dying Light 2’s 500+ hours of content. This tweet set off a flurry of responses from both people who were appalled by the length and those that were in favor of it. Techland had to then clarify that they meant it would take 500+ hours to 100% complete the game, but that the main story was only 80+ hours (ONLY). Anyway, I thought Dead Island was terrible, so I have no intention of picking up Dying Light 2, but maybe you’re into it, and I think that’s totally cool.

Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection (PC/PS4/PS5/Stadia/Switch/Xbox One/Series X|S) – Releases Feb. 1st

Developed by: Deck Nine, Dontnod Entertainment
Published by: Square Enix

The modern classic Life Is Strange has been remastered and bundled with its follow-up game Before The Storm, letting old fans re-experience LiT in 4K, while also introducing new players to this beloved classic.

The Hundred Year Kingdom (PC/Switch) – Releases Feb. 3rd

Developed by: Kaeru-San Games
Published by: Chorus Worldwide Games, Waku Waku Games

Take on the role of a god and create a brand new world. Let one of these “sexy” goddesses guide you through creation as you bring forth life. I’m getting Populous vibes from this, so your excitement for this might be based on how much you liked that series.

Maglam Lord (PS4/Switch) – Releases Feb. 4th

Developed by: Felistella
Published by: PQube

According to the publisher of Maglam Lord, this action/RPG contains “Stunning production values“.


Notable Releases from 10, 20 and 30 years ago:

I’m not really “feelin’ it” this week, been kind of a rough one for me so let’s just go with the abridged version of Notable Releases this week, sound good? You have no choice.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PC/PS3/Xbox 360) – Released Feb. 7th, 2012: Wiki Link

Kingdoms of Amalur notable

Notable Film Release: ChronicleStarring Dean DeHaan, Alex Russell, and Michael B. Jordan
Notable Album Release: Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth

This is an RPG that had a story by R.A. Salvatore, art by Todd McFarlane, music by Grant Kirkhope, and was designed by Ken Rolston who had previously been lead designer on Morrowind and Oblivion. Oh, and let’s also not forget that the game was co-developed and published by 38 Studios, a game company founded by right wing douchebag Curt Schilling. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a third person action/RPG in which players take on the role of a generic adventurer who has been brought back to life through magic. You then venture out into a massive semi-open world where you will complete endless fetch quests and progress the, admittedly, pretty interesting story. Kingdoms of Amalur initially grew out of a failed MMO called Copernicus, but the company that was working on it, Big Huge Games, was bought up by 38 Studios and it was decided that Kingdoms of Amalur would be a sort of single player primer to get people excited about the eventual MMO. Well, 38 Studios wasn’t run very well and, weirdly, after missing a loan payment 38 Studios became the property of the state of Rhode Island, with taxpayers being the owners of the game. According to Schilling, when the governor of Rhode Island called the game a failure, a major financial backer pulled out of the MMO sequel and 38 Studios was forced to close its doors. Once the dust settled, THQ Nordic was able to snatch up the rights to the game, porting it to all modern consoles and even developing new DLC for the game. Kingdoms of Amalur had potential, and a pretty stellar pedigree behind it, but mismanagement behind the scenes caused its life to be cut short. Oh well, fuck Curt Schilling.

Sonic Advance (GBA) – Released Feb. 3rd, 2002: Wiki Link

Sonic Advance

Notable Film Release: SlackersStarring Jason Schwartzman, Devon Sawa, Jason Segel, Michael Maronna, Jaime King, and Laura Prepon
Notable Album Release: Thrice – The Illusion of Safety

By 2002, Sega had moved full steam ahead on being a third party developer/publisher. In a move that was very weird to a lot of 90’s kids, Sega was starting to release games on Nintendo consoles. Sega put a lot of focus on the Game Boy Advance, even releasing a port of Chu Chu Rocket as a launch title, but it would be 2002’s Sonic Advance that really blew everyone’s mind. For over a decade, Sonic the Hedgehog was the mascot that every Sega fanboy and fangirl would use to say how cool the Genesis was. The idea that Sonic would ever be on the same console as Mario was a wild fantasy, but in 2002 we finally saw it happen, as Sonic Advance became the first Sonic game on a Nintendo console. Harkening back to the Genesis days, Sonic Advance was a side scrolling platformer that felt like a natural progression from the 16-bit series. The game was developed by a company Dimps, a group of designers who had all been heavily involved with the Neo Geo Pocket and had created the Sonic game for that system. This would be the start of a fruitful relationship between not just Dimps and Sega (who would go on to develop several more handheld Sonic titles), but also between Sega and Nintendo, with multiple Sonic games releasing in subsequent years. I really enjoyed this game A LOT, and it’s certainly worth the time it takes to find an illegal ROM online and download. Don’t do that though *wink*.

Wonder Boy in Monster World (Genesis) – Released Feb. 1992: Wiki Link

Wonder Boy Monster World

Notable Film Release: Shining ThroughStarring Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith, Joely Richardson, and Liam Neeson
Notable Album Release: Sir Mix-a-Lot – Mack Daddy

According to Wikipedia this is the fifth game in the Wonderboy series and the third game in the Monster World sub-series; pretty sick. In this platforming action/RPG, players must guide a young warrior named Shion through Monster World as he tries to defeat the evil BioMeka. This game is pretty tough, but it’s a good time, and would certainly have been a game I spent hours with if I had received it in 1992. Today though, meh, take it or leave it. Surprisingly, this is NOT in the Sega Genesis Classics collection and is only available (legally) through Steam. The game is only $0.99 cents, you might as well give it a try.



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