American Dad! Season 19, Ep. 2 “Dressed Down”

In which Stan gets a new look…

The immutable nature of episodic television means that the characters can almost never change from episode to episode (both metaphorically personally and literally physically whether it be clothes or body). We’ve seen AD! and other shows wink at this but this week’s Dad! builds its episode around it.

Stan is invited to Bullock’s barbecue but is mortified that he has to dress casual. Knowing he looks ridiculous in everything but his suit, he decides to just wear his suit. Stan passes out from the heat, embarrassing himself. Determined not to do that again, he goes to see Roger, who breaks out a new persona to help him, Sir Jennings Cockburn. Cockburn crafts Stan a new look, Bad Goose. This allows Stan to become so relaxed and everyone loves him.

But Stan breaks his promise to Roger to celebrate the success of the new clothes. This hurts Roger with Stan eventually agreeing to hang out with Roger more. However, Stan starts to neglect him again. Stan offers to pay Roger for the clothes but this only further angers Roger who burns the clothes and the Bad Goose designs. Stan loses his relaxed persona and starts screwing up at work. Eventually, Roger relents and crafts a new mismatched suit but that doesn’t work either.

Roger eventually gives Stan his old suit back, with some stitching from Jennings Cockburn in the seams. In the end, we don’t actually learn if Roger can make clothes or not and that’s the immutable laws of television.

In the B-Plot, Hayley decides to raise her own chickens in hopes of getting some cruelty-free eggs. However, the chickens attack Jeff and make a mess of the yard and of Hayley’s room. In the end, the chickens lay eggs but they contain fetuses. Hayley attempts to eat them in an effort to show Francine they’re acceptable but throws up.

Stray Observations

  • Roger’s persona and look are based on Daniel Day Lewis’s character in the Phantom Thread. I’ve never seen it so I actually don’t know how it compares.
  • The chicken subplot is reminiscent of another chicken subplot from the show where Steve and Roger take in chickens but Roger ends up getting them in fights.
  • Francine’s work around the house consists of playing minesweeper.
  • Stan works with a Duper, Hooper, Gooper, Booper and Ozymandias

Thoughts: Solid episode with some good laughs. Not an all-timer but a decent Roger persona using a reference to build around.