Danhausen Day Thread

Danhausen was finally offered a contract from Tony Elite* to work for A&W** and is now making all the human monies. Now he can finally afford a blimp. Several blimps even!

Fun fact about Danhausen and I, we share a birthday. I sent him a copy of the invitation to my 34th birthday along with a photo of me and two friends, and mentioned I was dressed to look like Andrew McCarthy in Weekend At Bernie’s. He opened these on a fanmail video and remarked “They are all Weekend At Bernie’s now,” thus giving me and my friends a new inside joke. So… yeah. New parasocial relationship status unlocked.

*As part of Danhausen’s gimmick, he refers to people either with the wrong name or half of their correct name and the other half with the closest association, in this case, he refers to Tony Khan, president of AEW, as Tony Elite since it’s All Elite Wrestling.

**He also mixes up AEW for A&W, the root beer and restaurant. He was also hired by A&W.

Love that Day Threadhausen, or be cursed!