Werewolf 174 – Avatar: The Last Were-bender (Chapter Six)

The benders felt almost unstoppable. Three successful days of taking out Fire Nation left them feeling quite optimistic about their prospects.

As they all drifted off to sleep, an army of little blue people made their way to their forest to rest, but were stopped in their tracks by an unknown figure.

“Who the Smurf is that?” one of them asked.

“I don’t know,” another replied, “but we should run before they Smurf us all!”

But before they could scatter, flames surrounded them. The assailant had tried to make the flames blue, but alas, one could not be as perfect as Princess Azula was.

Instead, the orange flames only accentuated the horror that befell the Smurfs, as each saw their comrades melt in front of them before succumbing to the same fate themselves.

Nate the Lesser/Legion of Smurfs has died. He was an Airbender (vanilla town).

“Aww, and I was going to stab them with my fire knife,” Steve the Cabbage moaned.

The sentient vegetable rolled on in disappointment, not only because he did not get to use the fire knife this time, but that his target was not who he thought they were.

Unfortunately for him, one that he was looking for was right behind him. And while roasted cabbage was not a delicacy often found in the Fire Nation, it was on the menu tonight.

Stunned, Steve reached for his fire knife but couldn’t find it. Then he felt a sharp, burning sting inside. The assailant had found it, and the cabbage’s spirit left his body.

As this happened, a merchant in Omashu wept, but he couldn’t understand why.

Lindsay/Steve the Cabbage has died. They were the Avatar (special role).

As the light in the cabbage faded, a new light shone in the form of another, and so the vegetable knew that his spirit would live on.

The Avatar has reincarnated into the next element of the Avatar cycle.



  • 4 Benders (vanilla town) – Each bender will be assigned an element–Air, Water, or Earth–but it will not be revealed to them which one they are until their respective deaths. They will win when the firebenders are defeated.
  • Sokka (detective) – Though he has no bending abilities, Sokka uses his wits and strategy to defeat his enemies. Once a night, he may follow someone and learn their alignment. Town will come back as ‘Air’, ‘Water’, or ‘Earth’; wolves, Zuko, and Iroh will come back as ‘Fire’. The Avatar will come back as whichever element they use that night (if they use more than one, it will be RNG’d between the elements used that night).
  • Katara (healer) – Katara will pick someone at night and if that person is mortally wounded (targeted for a night kill), they will be healed. She is allowed to heal herself but cannot pick the same person on two consecutive nights. Reads as ‘Water’ to Sokka.
  • Toph (jailer) – Toph will pick someone at night to knock out, rendering them unable to perform or be affected by any night actions. She cannot pick herself nor can she pick the same person on two consecutive nights. If she targets the Avatar, the jailing will not go through. Reads as ‘Earth’ to Sokka.


  • 1 Firebender (vanilla wolves) – The Fire Nation will win when the Avatar is eliminated from the game and their numbers are equal to all the other nations combined.
  • Firelord Ozai (head wolf) – As head of the Fire Nation, he will pick one firebender (which can include himself) to kill someone. He may not choose the same firebender on two consecutive nights. If Ozai dies, the subsequent night kills will not be assigned to any one firebender.
  • Azula (wolf roleblocker) – Each night, Azula will choose one player to prevent from performing any night actions. If she targets the Avatar, the block will not go through. If Azula is selected to perform the night kill, she will maintain her ability to roleblock that night.


  • Zuko – An exile from the Fire Nation, Zuko chooses someone to kill at night. If Zuko successfully targets the Avatar (regardless of whether he eliminates the Avatar from the game or not), he will be welcomed back to the Fire Nation (i.e. will become a wolf recruit). However, if Firelord Ozai dies before he can do so, Zuko will join Town and lose his ability to kill. If the Avatar is eliminated from the game without being targeted by Zuko, he will lose his ability to kill and will only win if he survives to the end of the game. Zuko shares a chat with Iroh and will read as ‘Fire’ to Sokka even if he joins Town.
  • Iroh – Serves as counsel for Zuko. Zuko and Iroh will share a private chat together. If Zuko rejoins the Fire Nation, they will lose access to their chat. Iroh can only win if Zuko is alive at the end of the game. If Zuko is killed, Iroh will die as well, but not the other way around. Reads as ‘Fire’ to Sokka.


  • Avatar – Please see the ‘Avatar’ section below for details on this role.


This is a special role, initially selected randomly among one of the would-be Airbenders. As master of all four elements, the Avatar can choose any one of the four elements to use at night: air (motion detector), water (healing), earth (jailing), or fire (night kill). They may also choose to go into the Avatar State and use more than one element in one night. The Avatar cannot target their self for any night action, nor can they pick the same player(s) on two consecutive nights, regardless of which action(s) they use. They also cannot enter the Avatar State on two consecutive nights.

If the Avatar is nightkilled while using only one element or daykilled, they will be ‘reborn’ into the next nation of the Avatar cycle—the order in which the Avatar cycle goes is air, water, earth, fire. The role will be passed to a vanilla player, determined by RNG among those who are in the next nation in the Avatar cycle—non-vanilla players cannot become the Avatar.

The previous Avatar(s) will not join the graveyard, but instead share a private chat with the new Avatar to serve as counsel.

If the Avatar is killed while in the Avatar State (i.e., while using more than one element for night actions), the cycle will be broken and the role will be removed from the game.

If any nation is completely wiped out (i.e. if there are no more vanilla players of a nation left), the cycle is considered broken; therefore, should the Avatar die after that, the role will be removed from the game.

The Avatar will win with Town if their current incarnation is one of the Airbenders, Waterbenders, or Earthbenders. If the Avatar becomes reborn in the Fire Nation, the Avatar (and their past lives) will win alone.


  1. April // Ember Island Zuko
  2. MSD // Ember Island Toph
  3. Raven // Bosco the Bear (Just…Bear)
  4. Queequeg // Azula, well-adjusted teen
  5. Cork // Clueless Fire Nation Soldier Firebender (vanilla wolf)
  6. Marlowe // Philip Marlowe
  7. Indy // Philip J. Fry
  8. Hoho // Possum Chicken
  9. Josephus // Glenn T. Seaborg
  10. Nate // Legion of Smurfs Airbender (vanilla town)
  11. Goat // Vin’nie the Na’vi, Used Bison Salesman
  12. Grumproro // Kisa Sohma Waterbender (vanilla town)
  13. Ralph // Major Dad Waterbender (vanilla town)
  14. Wasp // Water GIF’s Firebender (vanilla wolf)
  15. Kim // Box Ghost Earthbender (vanilla town)
  16. Cop // John Bender Earthbender (vanilla town)
  17. Gramps // (Air) Bender
  18. Copywight // Paul Atreides/Muad’dib Earthbender (vanilla town)
  19. Hayes // Planetina Azula (Wolf Roleblocker)
  20. Chum // The ERADICATOR Katara (healer)
  21. Jake // Ralph Wiggum, Bender of Wookiees Waterbender (vanilla town)
  22. Lamb // Mai Minakami Sokka (detective)
  23. Sic // Shiro Shinobi Airbender (vanilla town)
  24. Lindsay // Steve the Cabbage Avatar (special role)
  25. Dourif // The Rock (not Dwayne Johnson) Earthbender (vanilla town)


Night actions will go through in the order that allows the most actions to occur.

Ties will result in no kill.

Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or quote directly from any private chats. Failure to comply may result in a mod-kill.

Please be respectful towards everyone. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we’re all here to have a good time.


Twilight will be on Wednesday, January 26 at 4 PM MST.