The Expanse S6E06: Babylon’s Ashes (Season/Series Finale)

So, is this the end of The Expanse? I wonder: The last shot certainly felt like it could be an end, but the episode as a whole feels like it’s leaving a lot hanging (because it leaves a lot hanging). The “Strange Dogs” plotline ends… well, sort of where the novella does. Cara and Xan head out into the woods, but nothing is concluded. Big old “To Be Continued” surrounding everything Laconia and Protomolecule related.

If this is the last we see of the Expanse, it’s enough. This ending was action-packed, a bit nerve-inducing, and with as little Marco and Filip time as I could have reasonably expected. I chose the header image because I liked it so much: The end of last season and the beginning of this had a lot to it to show that the Roci crew was a broken family with the death of Alex, and Clarissa and Bobbie’s place there were uneasy ones. But now? Well Alex gets name checked once, and I’m glad that’s all there was because honestly given Cas Anvar’s… everything… Let’s just say that keeping the Alex references to a minimum did a lot for my patience.

Other than that? This episode was all about little moments between these five characters: Amos and Peaches; Amos and Bobbie; Naiomi and Clarissa; Holden and Naomi. And it was all of it good. I’ll admit to being pretty nervous for a couple people in this episode: I wondered if the show might not deviate from the books and kill Bobbie, Clarissa, or God forbid Drummer right here.

It didn’t look good. The situation, I mean. The shot was beautiful.

But no, after some really frakking intense action scenes, everyone’s pulled through, and has a reasonably happy ending. I mean, once Avasarala realized what that duplicitous little shit Holden was doing, she looked like she’d eaten a bad plum, but other than that…

A week or three ago, someone in the comments, I forget who, was dreading the notion of a “Ring Gate ex machina” ending to the Marco Inaros storyline, and I hope this episode didn’t bother them too much: It’s pretty much the book’s ending exactly (except Filip went AWOL on the Jovian moon Callisto rather than stealing a tugboat), and isn’t just a happy accident that Marco and his ship get dutchmanned, but because of the actions of our heroes.

Yeah, so long there.

If this IS the end of the show forever, I’m glad we got what we did. The show wasn’t without its peaks and valleys (looking at you Season 5) but it ended on a very strong note, and I’m very glad to have had the space in the Avocado to talk about it with y’all. Until when and if we return for more Expanse in the who-knows-when, be sure to remember the Cant, to check your doors and corners, and may you be blessed with the dumb luck of James Holden.