Werewolf Crossing (#173): Day Three

Tom Nook slid a picture across his desk. It showed a white dog holding a guitar.

“Take care of it,” Nook said.

“You sure about this, boss?” said one of his Crooks. “KK Slider is one of the most beloved characters in the Animal Crossing series. He’s appeared in every game in the franchise, he’s one of the most recognized musical artists in the world. And the mod is going to be disappointed you killed one his favorite roles in the game.”

Nook shrugged. “It’s not personal,” he said. “It’s just business.”

EMMELEMM was K.K. SLIDER, a dog. She was also a VILLAGER (Town).

As Rover fled the scene of the crime, he began to question The Boss’ motivations. He would never admit it out loud, but was getting rid of all these beloved Villagers such a good idea? Sure, Nook had to make it clear who was boss, but wasn’t he taking things too far? If there were no villagers on the island, who would be left to fill their pockets with bells?

He heard a skittering from the trees. Was it that ghost? A critter? A force looking to murder him in the face?

It was the last one.

HOHO was ROVER, a cat. He was also one of NOOK’s CROOKS.

(NOTE: See Role Descriptions, below, for the dead players’ powers.)

9 Villagers
3 Nook’s Crooks
2 ???

A minimum of three game-related posts are required each game day, though more is encouraged.

Living Players
Adam Farrar
Sic humor
Role Descriptions
COPYWIGHT (WISP // Villager): After you die, you are still allowed to comment in the main thread each day. You cannot vote or have access to the graveyard.

EMMELEMM (K.K. Slider // Villager): Each night, choose a song from this list. I will post a YouTube video of the chosen song in the next day’s thread for you. Songs have no game effect.

HOHO (Rover // Nook’s Crooks): On Night 2 and Night 4, you may block a chosen player’s night action, if they have one.

LAMB DANCE (HARVEY // Villager): Each player in the game has been given a photo of an animal on the wall of their house. Each night, you can choose 1 or 2 players. The chosen players will be asked to draw a picture of their animal and post it in the thread the next day.

MSD (BLATHERS // Villager): As a night action, select 1 or 2 players. You can share animal or fossil-based fun facts with the chosen players. They will not know who sent the facts and you will not get a response. The fun facts can be true or made up. They have no game effect.

SIDE CHARACTER (LABEL // Villager): On Night 1 and Night 3, you may investigate a player of your choice and get a hint about their alignment.
Win Conditions
Villagers win the game when Nook’s Crooks and ??? have been eliminated.
Nook’s Crooks win the game when their numbers equal the Villagers and ??? have been eliminated.
??? win the game when all Villagers and Nook’s Crooks have been eliminated.
– If there is ever an equal number of Villagers, Nook’s Crooks, and ???, the game ends and a special ending occurs.

Twilight is at 6pm PST (9pm EST) on Wednesday, January 12.