Werewolf Crossing (#173): Day One

Tom Nook sits behind his desk. Across from him sits a monkey, anxiously squeezing his paws into fists. 

“I believe in this island,” says the monkey, clearly agitated. “This island has made my fortune. All I want is a place to grow fruit trees, catch bugs, smack rocks with a shovel until money sacks fall out of them.”

Nook listens, stoic but attentive.

“But things have changed,” the monkey says. “My calm and isolation has been broken by these … visitors. Others who just show up on my island every day, it seems. They want me to buy their rugs or their ugly fake art. I don’t want any of it, I just want them all to leave me alone.”

Nook nods.

“I said to my wife, I said, to take care of this problem, we must go to Tom Nook.”

The racoon finally speaks. “Deli, we know each other for years,” Tom Nook says, “but this is the first time you come to me for help. I don’t remember the last time you invited me to your house for bananas.”

“What do you want of me?” Deli asked. “I’ll give you anything you want, but do what I ask!”

“And what is that?” asked Nook. 

The monkey whispers in the racoon’s ear.

“No,” says Nook. “You ask for too much.”

“How much shall I pay you?”

“You don’t ask in respect or friendship. You ask me to do murder…for bells. But if you come to me with your friendship, your loyalty, then your enemies become my enemies, and then, believe me, they would fear you…”

The monkey bows his head and murmurs.

“Be my friend,” Deli whimpers.

“Good. Some day, and that day may never come, I would like to call upon you to do me a service in return.”

14 Villagers
4 Nook’s Crooks
2 ???

A minimum of three game-related posts are required each game day, though more is encouraged.

Adam Farrar
Lamb Dance
Sic humor
Side Character
Role Descriptions
As players are eliminated, the descriptions of their secret roles are revealed here.
Win Conditions
Villagers win the game when Nook’s Crooks and ??? have been eliminated.
Nook’s Crooks win the game when their numbers equal the Villagers and ??? have been eliminated.
??? win the game when all Villagers and Nook’s Crooks have been eliminated.
– If there is ever an equal number of Villagers, Nook’s Crooks, and ???, the game ends and a special ending occurs.

Twilight is at 1pm PST (4pm EST) on Sunday, January 9.