Werewolf Crossing: Sign-Ups


You’re a modern werewolf trying to do it all: career, family, devouring the flesh of your terrified victims. Aren’t there times when you just want to get away?

Well, now you can! Nook Incorporated is now offering our brand-new Lycan Island Getaway Package…for the busy werewolf in your life! With a number of package tiers available, Nook Inc. can provide the affordable vacation respite of your full moon dreams.

All you need to do is sign up in the comments below!

This game has hidden roles. So, it is recommended for folks who have played at least one game of Avocado Werewolf.

A minimum of three game-related posts are required each game day, though more is encouraged.


  1. Raven
  2. MSD
  3. Sic humor
  4. MacCrocodile
  5. April
  6. Shinichiki
  7. Hoho
  8. Nate
  9. malthusc
  10. Jake
  11. Narrowstrife
  12. Sagittariuskim
  13. Copywight
  14. Lamb Dance
  15. Wasp
  16. Side Character
  17. Adam Farrar
  18. Emmelemm
  19. Lindsay
  20. Owen


  1. Marlowe
  2. Indy
  3. Forever1267
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