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Blurst Tuesday Politics thread of the 2022!

Blurst one folks! Here we go, a small round up of stuff happening on Twitter as I’m writing this late Monday night.

First up, Vanky and Junior got serrrrrved, but have refused to comply with the subpoena because they say pleading the fifth could harm them if they are charged criminally (don’t tease me, universe). How’s that work? Well, it’s a civil suit, so here’s a thread about that:

And Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos founder, has been found guilty on 4 of 12 counts. Basically, she got in trouble for defrauding investors, but not patients. Because money > people, right?

We’ve crossed the line to over 1,000,000 cases yesterday, in case you thought we were done. Chart from WaPo that Mars Five posted yesterday. As someone else said, turns out 2020 might have been a trilogy.

So, what do we do about that?

We continue with grace. That’s what we do. We put good into the world because dammit, it might just make someone else happy. And if you can provide someone else with that moment, you should. I had one of those moments today on my walk, a stranger ran past me and smiled as he said “Nice shoes!” I realized we were wearing the same pair and so I said “You too!” It was a stupid little thing, and the guy certainly didn’t have to say anything about our good taste in running shoes (Hokas, they’re amazing for people with bad knees and backs), but he did. And we both smiled about it. And here I am telling you about it. And it’s still making me smile, that a stranger took a moment out of his day to make me smile and not in a creepy way.

Anyway. You know what to do now. Be kind, be gracious, and behave. no threatening Mayor McSquirrel or anyone else. And toss that holiday coffee cake already, it’s stale. You deserve fresh coffee cake.